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Isa 65.17 +

Isa 65.17

“For behold, I create new heavens & a new earth: &

the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.”


Let your “art” be God’s art, above you, beside you, below you. When you admire God’s creation you are indirectly admiring God who made it – when you admire man’s art you are indirectly admiring man. God is – at this very moment – “sculpturing” a mountain rock, an island shoreline, sand dunes by the dozens. His artistry has been in action from the morning of creation & probably will never stop. I love Him & His art.

– 7/12/19


“An old fashioned revival of the witness of the Spirit [as Wesley emphasized]

 is needed in the Holiness Movement.”

– R G Flexon


God arranged that certain positions in culture & church are not open to women. Yet He left open to women one of the most powerful ranks on the face of the earth – being a Woman of Prayer. It’s a hidden position so has little appeal to the carnal heart but, O, how the church needs you, dear lady, in your prayer closet!

– 6/15/19


“You & I are starting a cycle of influence that will never stop until the judgment…I am tremendously concerned about my influence.”

– R G Flexon



Too busy with velvets and materials of worth,

Too busy with pleasant little islands of mirth,

Too busy doing the “duties” of earth,

Too busy for Pretty, Baby Jesus.


Too busy in commerce and trading of stocks,

Too busy in making and watching the clocks,

Too busy storing silver behind big locks,

Too busy for the Pre-teen Jesus.


Too busy buying and selling fishing boats,

Too busy sowing and reaping barley and oats,

Too busy sewing second and third coats,

Too busy for a Preaching Jesus


Too busy getting the best rooms at the feast,

Too busy adjusting to ever spreading yeast,

Too busy to care for the little and the least,

Too busy for the Prophetic Jesus.


Too busy calling others to mourn or dance,

Too busy lustily casting the side-ways glance,

Too busy “counting chickens” in advance,

Too busy for Pronouncing Jesus.


And when we’ve sowed all the wild stuff we can sow,

And we’re reaping it row after 100-fold row,

And sin finally has lost its false tinsel and show,

We may find the Christ for whom time was never made

Has left us. We won’t be too busy in the tomb’s shade.

– eab, Jul. ‘05


“All converted people want holiness whether they understand it or not

& they will get it somewhere if they do not backslide.”

– J B McBride


Why do you try to control your hair color? (You’re not succeeding – roots tell on you). Some women (evangelical/“holiness”) Cut, Curl & Color. Some holiness women don’t cut. Some don’t curl. But they (men too?) Color. Why? “Well, if I were to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to appear as old as I am.” And – – – why is that? Ashamed of the years God’s given you? You can save yourself (your husband) many dollars by allowing God to color your hair as He wants. God has White Hair (Dan 7.9).

– 7/11/19


Luk 6.25

Woe unto you that are full For ye shall hunger

Woe unto you that laugh now For ye shall mourn & weep


“Fighting holiness comes largely from wrong teaching.

The heart that is converted hungers after God & holiness.”

– J B McBride


Something is to be said for accidental humor: the un-intended pun, that unplanned “event” which is truly funny. Enjoy it & move on. The same with the ability to laugh at yourself; smile/laugh & move on. The Bible promises laughter later (after we weep, Luk 6.21), so don’t make it being funny your present goal, nor ever pay to hear a humorist, even a so-called “christian” one.

– 7/13/19

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