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1Jo 3.6 +

1Jo 3.6

“Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not:

whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.”


Do you live each day without sinning? “No one can do that.” (Please see Joh 5.14, 8.11 & 1Jo 3.8, 5.18)

Repeat, do you live each day without sinning?

Would you like to? Jesus died to liberate from slavery to sin.

– 7/15/19


“Man, if your wife knew you as God knows you, would you be ashamed to look her in the face? Woman, if your husband knew you as God knows you would you blush to be around him?”

– R G Flexon


The closer a man gets to God the clearer he begins to think. And as he thinks he sees that much of what the world (& the worldly church) would have us label “innocent” is NOT innocent. You should question the idea (for you & especially for your impressionable child) of 1.) an “innocent” game of cards, 2.) an “innocent” pool table, 3. an “innocent” wager on when/what/how ____  you name it. – 7/14/19


“We find that morally insane people get excited over trifles

but never over serious realities.”

– R G Flexon



You’ve chosen an easier way?

God allows you that privilege, today.

But tomorrow – when seeds begin to grow

He’ll also allow you to reap what you sow. – eab, 7/15/19


“Jesus can…lay hold of old carnality & pull it out…He can take out the root of bitterness,

 the pouts, mutters, fuming, fussing…”

– J B McBride


Never, never allow satan to try to control your life with numbers: not your Age, nor your Weight, Height, Account Balance, IQ, etc. Your name written in the “…Lamb’s Book of Life” (Rev 21.27) is much more important than any & ALL numbers with which the devil will try to discourage you.

– 7/15/19


Ps 119.130

“The entrance of thy words giveth light;

 it giveth understanding unto the simple.


“You cannot convert the ‘old man’ you must get him killed.”

– J B McBride


What’s your system of memorizing Scripture? What? You don’t have one? That helps explain why you don’t have more of It in your heart. Explore the options which most appeal to you. Select 1-3 to try. Experiment to see which seems to work best. “Thy word have I hid in mine heart…”(Psa 119.11) does not happen “by accident.” Apply yourself to learning Scripture-by-heart; you’ll be glad you did.

– 7/15/19

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