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Heb 2.12 +

Heb 2.12

“I will declare thy name unto my brethren,

in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.”


No one sings like a saint. Whether he/she can sing or not (to a music critic’s ear), they know the One being praised, agree fully with the praise offered, & sing from the soul, not just throat & diaphragm. How wonderful to be present when a Holy Spirit filled man/woman breaks forth in singing (in church or out) & God is glorified. Voice training is not all wrong, but being a singing son/daughter of the One worshipped is always all right. – 7/24/19


“Jesus Christ…offers thee the pardon he has purchased, on the simply condition

that thou believe that his death is a sufficient sacrifice…”

– Adam Clarke


God has given you the ability to make money & this has allowed you to buy/build a dream cabin in the mountains, or a lovely cottage by a lake, or a New England spot overlooking the Atlantic. It’s very nice to have such “get-a-ways.” Happy for you – enjoy. Now – heads up – God has also (whether you’re rich or poor), by the death & resurrection of His Perfect Son, allowed you to prepare for & to go to heaven. As your friend, I want you to enjoy a much higher “get-a-way,” one you’ll never have to leave. Make sure, O make very sure, you have “A Mansion Over the Hilltop” (1949 song, Ira Stanphill). – 7/25/19


“As there is no end to the merits of Christ incarnated & crucified…

[there are] no limits to the improvability of the human soul….”

– Adam Clarke



There was a lad from “Shepherd’sville”

Who would be king – it was God’s will.

David was on duty there,

In spite of lion and of bear.

Doing one’s duty God honors still. – eab, July 2006


“When we get sanctified we lose our old name, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, United Brethren, Nazarene…we are the sanctified person or the holiness man or woman.”

– J B McBride


Have we yet seen – as flag posting, flag waving Americans – the utter temporariness of our country? (I have driven in 49 states & really like America.) Have we, by contrast, seen the Happy Unending-ness of Christ’s Kingdom? Pray for God to have mercy on America, pray for the president, v.p., senators etc. Know, all the time, that this land is going to end BUT the Kingdom of Heaven never ends. You cannot love both equally, “No servant can serve two masters…” (Luk 16.13). – 7/25/19


Mat 6.24

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one & love the other; or else he will hold to the one & despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”


“We have valley experiences after we are cleansed from all sin but no ‘dumps.’

We are serious but not angry; we are cheerful but not silly, we sorrow but we are always rejoicing.”

– J B McBride


Recently saw where a famous man (born same yr as 1 of our sons) was married ’87-‘93, married again in ‘93, & now has a third, female partner. I want to praise God publicly, that all four of our children have stayed with their first mates (& thank each mate for staying with our child J). If you, reader, are suffering with a divorce among your children I am sorry, & hope you’ll live to see such reconciled. But allow me to Praise the Father & thank our children, for these intact marriages in this adulterous generation. – 7/25/19

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