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Mat 12.30 +

Mat 12.30

“He that is not with me is against me &

he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”


“…He who preaches the unadultered doctrine of the God…will be hated by the Christian world…spurious Christians are the prime persecutors of the genuine followers of the Lord Jesus.”

– Adam Clarke


32 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Eze 16.56 For thy sister Sodom was not mentioned by thy mouth in the day of thy PRIDE


“How astonishing is God’s kindness! It is not the rich merely he calls on to be charitable

…the poor are called to relieve those who are poorer…”

– Adam Clarke


ALONE > warning – Long poem <

The ship is crowded by the crowd,

The airplane to the last seat,

The bus is loaded down,

The train’s capacity is beat,

The car is jammed with people,

The cab can hold no more,

The wagon has no room,

And bikes aren’t made for four.

Be you one of many souls

On whatever conveyance

On a vehicle’s travel zone

In final, full reality

You /  I travel life’s trail Alone.

Alone we were born to our fair mom

Alone we’re born to dad

Alone we’ll always feel

When happenings are so sad.

Alone we learn to ride the bike

Alone we learn to swim

Alone we clamber up the hill

And roll down its side, on a whim.

Alone we pass the last hard class

Alone we run the race

Alone we jump the creek’s broad span

(Successful or on our face).

Alone we apply for that job

Alone we learn to drive

Alone we gather living skills

By which we hope to thrive.

Alone we feel when we fail

Alone and taking the blame

Alone even when at the top;

Loneliness is a part of fame.

Alone we get the news from home

Alone we read the letter

Alone we also read the Good Book

To guide us, make us better.

Alone we answer the call

Alone we serve our stay

Alone we leave in truck or plane

And feel alone as we pull away.

From what I see, we’ll die alone,

Alone I say – but let me quickly share

Through the above we were not alone.

God loves us; He was always there!

– eab, 7/25/12


You’re a believer. “Me? Not me.” Yes, sir. You ARE a believer! Either you believe in Jesus Christ, the Living Word & in His eternal Word. Or, hear it, you believe in a phase of the political, educational, financial, or social world which will, sooner or later, support the antichrist. You trust Jesus or you’ve put a degree of trust in a system of this world which opposes Him. (Or will oppose Him when the pressure is applied). But, if you don’t have faith in Christ you can. You can, By God’s Grace. – 7/25/19


Pro 22.1

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches

& loving favor rather than silver and gold.”


If SM (social media) “offered” no pics trying to satisfy the carnal nature – if SM didn’t connect you with wrong causes – if SM did not increase your craving for newest gadget$, it could still be a huge waste of time. If you feel your “business” requires you owning one or more tools to access SM, have the self-discipline to do your transactions & get off. Don’t let it dominate your life, as it will, if uncontrolled.



“…Young people…Do not marry just anyone…see how the brothers & sisters turned out.

You could marry yourself into trouble…”

– Warren McIntire


Competition is huge in the “dog-eat-dog” business world. Sadly, men (some worldly-minded, some innocent perhaps) brought competition to the church “Who brings the most new kids…” “The S.S. class with the largest missionary offering…” Competition highlights this kid/group but makes another look incompetent. Churches shouldn’t make anyone feel foolish or like “losers” – Jesus didn’t. Human wisdom may say compete. Remember “…The world by wisdom knew not God…”(1Co 1.21).

Alternative? Reward everyone who brings a new child – what Jesus would likely do. – 7/26/19


“There comes a time in the experience of every man & woman who has been genuinely saved when they must do something about getting sanctified.”

– Warren McIntire

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