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1Th 5.22 +

1Th 5.22

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.”


“The feeble-minded are people who know the truth but only affirm it so far as consistent

with their own interest. But apart from that they renounce it.”

– Blaise Pascal


Are you a christian using fb? Please look the meme over before sharing it. Is the woman showing cleavage? Is her skirt too short or is she in shorts or skin-tight pants? Read all of it (not just the political boldness you like). Did you Not see that 4-letter word? Really? “It’s politics, cupcake, look beyond it.” No. If it has too much skin or words of filth – – – you’re may be too interested in politics but not interested enough in being Like Christ. 7/28/19


“The Gospel only speaks of the virginity of the Virgin

up to the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.”

– Blaise Pascal



He chose a life-style rotten to its core,

He got his life-style, plus a little  more,

He got sickness and loss of breath,

He got illness and eventual death,

Watch choices – they may multiply by four.

– eab July 2008


What was your most favorite praying place in all of life? (No, I’m not asking you to post it – unless you want to.) I’m asking this to give you an excuse to wander returning on the path to yesteryear. I hope that two or three vie for 1st place in your memory: A place where God was near when money was scarce, or A place where you won a resounding spiritual battle, or A place remembered because of your faithfulness to visit there often. A saint may have had several dear praying places. Enjoy your trip across time in a spiritual memory lane. 7/28/19


Mar 9.44 “Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”

Mar 9.46 “Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”

Mar 9.48 “Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”


The devil’s men have made billion$ supposedly letting people “escape.” Some “escape” to a movie of Make Believe romance. A number “escape” to war zones (how a film maker imagines Roman fought, or WWII). Not a few “escape” to Sci-fi (CGI “worlds” with “spaceships”). A very high percentage of these trying to “escape” fail to realize they’re missing the greatest possible Escape – escaping hell through the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Stop the craze for escape (before it’s too late). Be Real with God & escape the real hell. 7/28/19


“It’s wrong for a man to be interested in a man

& a woman to be interested in a woman.”

– James Plank, sermon, 1/21/19


Find a sinful weed in your life? My experience as a novice gardener, is every weed has a root. Some deeper, some harder to pull, but all with a root. If you don’t get the root the weed with send up another try – it plans on living – you, as a gardener plan on it dying – who will win? Carnality has a root. You & I can’t pull it out; too deep, too hard – carnality plans on living – you, as a Christian must plan on it dying. Who will win? – 7/28/19


“Now, to our own events

we’re calling non-holiness preachers.”

– James Plank, sermon, 1/21/19

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