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Rev 20.15 +

Rev 20.15

“And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”


Why do people go to horror movies? Why do they pay good money to be scared-out-of-their-wits? Over-size insects “appear” on the screen or ancient reptiles roar “in front” of them. Aliens “from space” invade, etc. etc. – the more “real,” the more “scary,” the better, seems to be their opinion. Again, I ask why? One of the nice things about this is, a movie-goer if he gets frightened enough, can walk out & life will be “normal.” Sir, Ma’am Hear Me. Hell’s terrors will exceed the worst hollywood/disney can throw on a screen. But – you can’t return to normal. The damned cannot return to the street. Read your Bible, Please. -7/28/19


“If remorse is confounded with repentance, hell is filled with penitents…”

– John Fletcher, /Works I/


How much truth is in, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?

Is Truth in the “eye” of the reader? What the writer intended is read, or misread to some extent, in conjunction with our opinion of the one writing. This is not all bad. We should be discrete about who we quote. But when one disrespects a writer for his stance on “x” that con bleed into “y.” He maybe 100% right on “y” but the Truth is not agreed with because he was (IYO) “so wrong” on “x.” – 7/30/19


“…Nothing is more difficult than rightly to divide the word of God.”

– John Fletcher, /Works I/


INK – not the pen

I am a pen the Lord can grip

And write as He would will.

His is the ink that flows through me,

His the message: strong or still.

When writing’s done the pen is gone,

The quill’s not remembered.

The ink remains across days,

Readily read, unhindered.

May no pen: larger or smaller

Take pride in what it has “written.”

May no quill: shorter or taller

Think IT the heart has smitten.

After the pen is packed away,

What remains is the bold ink.

Long after the pen’s “had its small day,”

The ink’s what makes readers think.

– eab, 8/1/07


“Jesus was holiness personified.”

– J M Pike, /The Double Cure/


The girl you’d like to date/marry is pretty; is she pretty on the inside? She dresses nice (even modest); does she have Christ’s robes of righteousness inside? She teaches a kiddies S.S. Class &/or plays an instrument at church; does selfishness reign in her soul. Marriage is good if/when both are redeemed & therefore no longer bound by sin – it’s even better when both have had carnal selfishness removed. Pray. Pray beyond a pretty face/form. It’s what that’s inside that counts now & will count as yrs of wedded life roll on. – 7/31/19


Joh 8.37

“I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me,

because my word hath no place in you.”


“…no wrong temper – none contrary to love – remains in the soul…”

– J M Pike, /The Double Cure/


Properly understood, there are no differences between the teachings of our Lord & those of the other NT Books. Do not let any modern author or any supposedly ancient “found” writing drive a wedge between them. The NT is a unit, the guide, road map for Christianity. Blessed Testament. – 7/31/19

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