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2Co 4.4 +

2Co 4.4

“…The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”


A system of “education” has been developed by the world which is totally friendly to this world. Truth is not paramount to it. It’s a sad mixture of heathen histories, acquired scientisms, semi-literary folklore, & current culture with a increasing adoration of the god of sports pulling in “students” & helping pay its huge bills. If you are a christian & are approving of your child being indoctrinated in such places, you are either fooling yourself or you are blinded to a fairly high extent. – 12/20/18


“Extremes of every kind

are to be avoided with equal care.”

– John Fletcher, /Works III/


The OT rings with the words “Thou shalt not…” It occurs over 200 times from Genesis through Judges & intermittently from First Samuel to Zechariah. (It occurs 15 times in the NT.) The NT has “Thou shalt love…” 9 times: 6 to love “thy neighbor,” 3 to love “the Lord Thy God.”  I’m happy to be living after Christ came, not before. – 12/21/18


“To reject the Son of God manifested in the Spirit, as worldly Christians…do is a crime of equal magnitude with that of the Jews, who rejected Christ manifested in the flesh.”

– John Fletcher, /Works III/



Thank You Lord, for Thy salvation plan,

The glorious privilege, You have given man

To live above sin.

The privilege of moving forever out,

Of the quicksand traps of fear and doubt,

That man was born in.

– eab, July ’76


“A sinner in the pulpit is the most dangerous man in the land.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


The late Leslie D Wilcox, MA, one-time Dean of Theology at God’s Bible School (Cin. OH), one-time conference president of the Wesleyan Methodist (in OH), later a leader in the Bible Methodist & author of at least six books, said that there’s a Biblical reference in classical literature on the average of every seven pages. So, if one is to understand good literature he’ll have to read the Bible.

This is a minor reason but it IS worthy of note. – 12/21/18


Psa 93.5

“Thy testimonies are very sure:

holiness becometh thine house, O LORD, for ever.”


“Dark, subtle things are hidden in the hearts of men that crave this world more than they crave righteousness & holiness.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


Pastor – are all your board members holy men? Board members – is your pastor a holy? Bible college president – are the members of your board(s) sanctified? College board members – is the president a sanctified man? What about the profs? Holy in word & in deed? A “holiness” church or school run by one(1) unholy person hardly qualifies as a holiness institution. We need revivals of holy living in our leadership. – 12/22/18

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