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1Co 11.3 +

1Co 11.3

“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ;

& the head of the woman is the man & the head of Christ is God.”


Jesus could’ve selected 2 women (for their own companionship) & 10 men disciples – He did not. Women as well as men were in the Upper Room so, the group could’ve chosen a female replacement for Judas – they did not. When “deacons” were named (Act 6) they could’ve named 2 ladies – they did not. I respect the movements begun by George Fox & William Booth but they mistakenly allowed women to preach to & Wesley was weak here. Tongues groups have used many women – to their determent. – 3/26/18


“Fundamental Doctrines of Christ [are]… fall of man, justification by the merits of Christ, sanctification by the agency of the Holy Spirit & the worship of the one true God in the mysterious distinction of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.”

– John Fletcher, /Works I/


Every human in heaven was once a candidate for hell. And everyone in hell could have gone to heaven – two Wills were involved: God’s will & their will – in that order. God willed that they not go to hell (His Son is the sign of His will) but the final will was allowed to the man’s. He chose not to obey. – 3/26/18


“O give us GENUINE, and

save us from VOLUNTARY humility!”

– John Fletcher, /Works I/



If I were to try and recount,

All Your blessings to me,

Blessings and multiplied blessings,

I’m sure the amount would staggering be.

I’d end up merely guessing

For Your blessings haven’t come

Just one by one

Or by twos (as animals to the ark)

Your blessings have come ton by ton

Ah, yes, all thrown together.

They have come in the sunshine,

They have come in the dark,

In fact, all kinds of weather

So many, many blessings have been mine.

– eab, Aug. 1975


“If we have His fullness, we will have a good supply of patience. He was also full of purity. Not an unclean word was ever uttered by the Son of God.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


The most powerful Book on earth is the Bible. More lives have been prepared for heaven by reading (& heeding) Its Truth than all other books together! Hear it A L L. But you must open the Book.  You must open your eyes. You must open your mind & most of all, must open your heart. It will do you no good on your table. – 3/26/18


Mar 13.31

“Heaven & earth shall pass away:

but my words shall not pass away.”


“The devil has tried to make you believe, no doubt, that the thing you have committed is so small it doesn’t amount to anything or will never harm you; but just stop & think a moment of that one sin of Adam.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


“Is it wrong to question God?” Yes & No. Yes, if you’ve already received an answer from the Lord. (Accept His “go” “stop” or “wait.”) And, Yes, if you have “an attitude” as you ask. No, if you are 100% honest in not knowing, & your attitude is teachable. A good dad is a tiny bit like God in that he’s happy that you ask. And – – – so little like God, in the sense that he can’t answer all, but God can. – 3/27/18

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