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Ecc 12.1 +

Ecc 12.1

“Remember NOW  thy Creator…” [emphasis added]


It was interesting to see a sweet granddaughter Natasha, now Mrs Lucas Wilson (8/2/19), put “her signature” on her wedding. She wore no veil. She was barefoot as she was married. She had no programs. She threw no bouquet. No garter was removed & thrown. Her dad prayed a prayer in place of “her mother & I.” The immediate family gathered on the platform for another prayer. I doubt I’ve ever heard a better wedding message/charge given to a couple. And lastly, but far from a “least,” modesty was gratefully apparent with both bride & her attendants – Praise the Lord. – 8/7/19


“…Abroad, those who go a little deeper into inward Christianity than the generality of their neighbors are called pietists or mystics, as commonly as they are called Methodists in Eng.”

– John Fletcher, /Works I/


We hear about absent Dads – men totally missing from a home. I do not question it has a horrible affect. Some Dads are there physically – but are absent from their kid’s education. Are sadly absent in discipline. Are absent in the money management of the home. Most sadly some men are absent from Family Altar – not heading the home in Worship of God, not burdened in prayer for children, not their child’s 1st minister. Dad (reading this) are YOU absent from the home in any of the above? Come back, Come back. – 8/7/19


“…If we give over following after holiness & do not continue to leave all for Christ’s sake, may we not forfeit our title to glory as the servant who had 10,000 talents forgiven him forfeited his pardon!”

– John Fletcher, /Works I/


Religion and wars

Religion and wars seem opposite at first sight –

As opposite as day and night.

But they’ve been partners in the past,

And will be – till the Lord comes at last.

Many a saint has through them found “his end,”

And more sinners to hell they did send.

– eab, Aug  2006


“The first wrong act of your life may seem to you to be a very small thing, but, beloved, it may cost you your soul & others may be influenced by your act & so it may mean their destruction also.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


There are some occupations in which you (believer in Christ, or not) should not work – they destroy. The production, trucking, & selling of hard drinks are horribly wrong. They break homes, break cars, break bodies. There are some occupations with which some might consider “neutral” (neither harming nor helping people). In light of Eternity Life & a good life on earth there probably are few-if-any truly neutral jobs. Seek & find for yourself (& children/grandkids as you have opportunity) only work that helps people here & or surely helps them for eternity. – 8/7/19


Pro 3.6

“In all thy ways acknowledge him

and he shall direct thy paths.”


“To talk about transforming sinners into Christians by good behavior is one of the

impossibilities of life & the longer a sinner grows in sin, the more sinful he becomes.

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


You may think you “spiritually survived” going to the circus, fair, or carnival (its very name can suggest carnality). I don’t know if you did or not but for-this-post, let’s “say” you did. Your weaker brother (in family or church) may not survive. Or his kids may say, “Bro So-n-So goes to ‘x’” & may lose their souls overly attracted /addicted to worldly amusements. Is it worth this, Bro./Sis. to view few prize sheep, ride a Ferris wheel, or see a tractor pull? PLEASE ANSWER THAT IN YOUR SOUL – 8/7/19

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