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1Co 15.55 +

1Co 15.55

“O death, where is thy sting?

O grave, where is thy victory?”


“The United States spent more on gum in one year

than she spent on Missions.”

– Oswald J Smith



Down through the valleys, up o’er the hills

The next one may be deeper, next hill hold more thrills

The secret is keep moving, at trot, or at trod

Walk daily with Jesus o’er rock, sand, or sod.

– eab, 8/10/10


“You cannot take it with you but we can send it ahead.”

– Oswald J Smith [heard, in person]


Does a certain date stand-out in your life? August 10th stands out for me & has for decades. It was 1953; our family took my only brother, Keith, to the Zanesville, OH train station. He’d joined the army & was leaving for far-away Washington state. He was just 16, as far as we know had lied about his age & someone signed for him. He returned once alive & then returned to the same RR station in a government-issue casket, killed when a tank rolled over on him in black-out maneuvers. Life has never been the same. My oldest grandson bears his name & that’s a nice connection for a bad page in my young life. – 8/10/19


Php 4.11

“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned,

in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”


Be content. “I don’t know how to be.” Sorry, that’s not 100% your fault in the sense that you grew up in “buy buy,” “shop shop” age. Salesmen made a living making people want this, crave that. But, you’re an adult now. It’s time to learn to be content. You’re no better than Paul but you can strive to be like him “…I have learned…to be content” Php 4.11). Start learning contentment by being thankful. Thank people (important one & “nobodies”) & Thank God everyday for health (“It’s not good.” I’m sorry but could it be worse?). Thank God everyday for food (“It’s not my favorite.” I have favorites too but thank Him for what you have that you DO like.) Learn to be content. 8/10/19


About professing sanctification “…they should have an especial care to avoid all appearance of boasting & to speak more loudly & convincingly by their lives than they can do by their tongues”

– Able Stevens


STOP believing official stories. Officials (governments [world-wide], religious organizations even called “christian” ones, the “sciences” etc.) put out stories they want us to believe. Sometime it may be highly fabricated, sometimes a sly mix of fact & fiction. Stop cooperating. THINK. Think for yourself. Always ask “Who benefits?” We’ve been lied to murders, wars, supposed adventures. Stop believing.

NOTE – 3 newspapers carried the account of my brother’s death – they didn’t have the same “facts.” It was a valuable lesson (age 11) to not believe all that’s in black & white. STOP believing official stories! – 8/10/19


“Fanaticism is always infectious.”

– Able Stevens

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