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1Ti 4.13 +

1Ti 4.13

“Till I come, give attendance to reading,

to exhortation, to doctrine.”


Have you had a “date” with your Bible today? Hopefully a Bible rests near your favorite chair. Read consistently in It, in other words have a system. Read with an open mind: Who it the main character now? What do I need to see here? Where is this story/passage in comparison to others? When did this take place? Why (in your opinion) was this included? You don’t have to know the answers to ask these & other important questions; but questions are spring-boards onto truths – don’t be afraid to use them. – 8/13/19


“To reject the Son of God manifested in the Spirit as worldly Christians…do is a crime of equal magnitude with that of the Jews who rejected Christ manifested in the flesh.”

– John Fletcher, /Works III/


Never confuse reformation with regeneration. Any disciplined man can reform & man thinking people do. No man (regardless of a strong will & good intention) can regenerate (rebirth, i.e. be “born again”) himself. We can come (as the Holy Spirit draws us) to Christ, we can submit or subject our will to Him, but He (He alone) does the New Birth in response to our faith. – 8/14/19


“…Gospel Axioms: 1) Our salvation is originally of God’s free grace.

2) Our damnation is originally of our own free will.”

– John Fletcher, /Works II/



You, Lord, told Adam, Don’t – Adam did.

No wonder that he & his new Mrs hid

But finding a place sufficient to hide

Is impossible – they were the first ones who tried.

They now knew that satan had lied.

Something within them withered & died.

Oh, that they had done as You bid.

– eab, 8/15/17


“A sanctified man can sin

he may sin but no Christian must sin.”

– Howard Sweeten, /More Excellent Way/


Joh 19.35

“And he that saw it bare record & his record is true:

& he knoweth that he saith true, that ye might believe.”


You “plan to,” you “hope to” get right with God someday – “As long as there’s life there’s hope, Right?” Not necessarily. You may be alive but unconscious. You might be alive but in too much pain to seriously confess your pride & carnal anger. You may not have time to call your b-n-l & beg his forgiveness. Stop putting off your hour of redemption “…Behold, now is the day of salvation”(2Co 6.2). – 8/15/19


“You can no more grow sin out of the heart

than you can grow rotten out of an apple.”

– Howard Sweeten, /More Excellent Way/

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