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Psa 40.10 +

Psa 40.10

“I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart;

I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation…”


Begin to commit a verse here & there (or a cluster of vv) to memory, including reference. Repeat them as you work, use them in prayer, & God may well begin to bring them back to you when you preach. – 8/19/19


“…We may in general prolong our days by choosing wisdom

& shorten them by choosing folly.”

– John Fletcher, /Works II/


What makes home schooling better? The parent/teacher? The curriculum? The texts? The atmosphere? The “field trips”? In some homes the schooling is better for one or more of the above reasons. But in 1000’s of homes the uppermost reason for superior learning is love.

No one loves a child like a parent does. – 8/19/19


“…Janus of the fatalists who wears two faces

an angel’s face & a devil’s face…full of duplicity.”

– John Fletcher, /Works II/


Have you ever

Have you ever been made to wonder

When you hear majestic thunder,

The size and the color

Of God’s celestial drum?

Or when you see the whirl

Of a humming bird (boy, girl?)

What exactly does a hummingbird hum?

What is the true color

Of a woodpecker’s collar,

As he rat-a-tat tats his way through wood?

Or why we systematically,

Dislike the bumble bee,

Forgetting his pollination is all good.

Is the bark that you see

On yonder stately tree,

Gray, grayish or an odd brown?

And after the new rain

Does Mr. tree seem vain

That his bark, now wet, is toned down?

When a native or foreign goose

Is running on the ground loose

Has such a waddle to his walk,

But when he bye-n-bye

Takes to his “native” sky

We stare, or really do we gawk ?

– eab, Aug. 2010


“Every great spiritual movement begins with the ‘downs-and-outs’

& ends with the ‘ups-and-ins.’ ”

– A L Vess


2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.”


It seems there is “no end” of preachers whose “preaching” strikes someone’s fancy (Evangelical, Tongues, Baptist, Holiness, etc). But men who live as high or higher than they preach, are in limited supply. Oh, my holiness Brother (young enough to be my grandson/son, or my peer, or the few who are older) let us be on that list. – 8/19/19


“In their corrupt heathen religion they spake in tongues & were now trying

to bring the same heathen practice over into their Christian Church.”

– A L Vess

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