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Psa 25.5 +

Psa 25.5
“Lead me in thy truth & teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation;

on thee do I wait all the day.”


“But I thought preachers were to be college educated.” Sadly, that’s a common, modern mind-set but neither the New Testament nor history fully agrees. God’s used men who received educational benefits (a number of times before their conversion) but He’s used many men who either never attended college or didn’t graduate. They learned from God & from His Holy Word – greatest Teacher & the greatest Text. – 8/19/19


“There are two ways of ruining children—the way of the harsh father

& the way of the indulgent mother.”

– Samuel L Brengle /Guest of the Soul/


The Delight of a Closed Door. Some are waiting for a right door to open & a “closed door” doesn’t interest them. One of the best ways to see/hear God’s next door open is to go behind the closed door of your prayer closet. But whether seeking God’s next step, or seeking the salvation of souls, or seeking for the Holy Ghost to visit your place of worship, learn the delight of a closed closet door – God & you inside. – 8/20/19


“The Holy Ghost is the Holy Guest. He has come into the world &

visits every heart, seeking admittance as a guest.”

– Samuel L Brengle /Guest of the Soul/


second birth

A man of the most common birth

Born anywhere on this wide earth,

Can, by the “second birth” be,

The son of the King of Eternity. – eab, 8/22/14


“Those who believe in the ‘unknown tongue’ certainly have no right to be called ‘Pentecostal’ for the marvel & miracle of Pentecost was that every man heard them speak in his own language.”

– A L Vess


The saddest deaths on earth are suicides. There’s a sense in which backsliding is spiritual suicide. It may not be as final as physical suicide but it can be. Those of us who believe in the Free Will have a likelihood of thinking we can leave & come back to God pretty-well when we want to. That is Dangerous. Do not play with backsliding. The Holy Spirit might knock on your door again – but – He – might – not. – 8/20/19


2Jo 1.7

“…Many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver & an antichrist.”


Please understand – satan has an imitation of the Holy Spirit. People who grew up in meetings where the True Spirit of God moved have a memory of that freedom, that exuberance. They were observers; their parents, grandparents were the ones who prayed & obeyed until God moved. These observers grew up wanting the feeling, but weren’t willing to pray & obey to enjoy the Genuine. Sadly, devil has won pastors, youth pastors, song leaders to his imitation spirit. There maybe a slight similarity but it’s hollow. The new generation has a “feeling” (without paying the price) but the origin of the feeling is satan, not God. -8/22/19


“He sanctified you to make you a more fruitful Christian.”

– B J Walker, sermon 8/4/09

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