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Act 17.30 +

Act 17.30

“…The times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth

all men every where to repent:”


If you’re going to shoot squirrels you need to go where, when you enter the woods, you hear them “cuttin.”

If you’re going white-tail hunting you need to go where you see trails & hopefully a scrape. But when you get hungry for God, when you’re sick of sin & want to quit, you can “hunt” God anywhere: on land or sea, in field or city. God is where you pray if/when you’d rather die as to go on sinning. Seek.Him.Today. -8/27/19


“You can live without holiness here –

you cannot hereafter.”   

– R S Foster /Christian Purity/


When “So-n-So” is known for his/her “tall tales” you take what he/she says with a “grain o’ salt” & a dash of pepper. You do not take them literally. When you know the God of heaven & earth is Not known to exaggerate you take Him literally. Fall in love with His Word or – if you’ve left It – Re-fall in love with this wonderful Masterpiece, the Classic Book of all the earth, God’s eternal Word. – 8/27/19


“The value of holiness,

Its presence is life –

Its absence is eternal death.”

– R S Foster /Christian Purity/



The ripping thorn, the malicious horn,

Foot-grown corn, they that mourn,

Pain in being born, marriage partners torn

Perspiration being worn – The Curse

– eab, August 1980


“The only authority we have in life is this Book.”

– John Whiteman, testimony, 2/9/92


Nearly every sinner worships at one of these shrines: “science,” sex, sports, or succe$$. “Science” wants you to think they “KNOW” they’ve tried to debunk God. God-made sex has been drug through the horrible pits of brothels, pornography, abnormality. People are enthused (filled with a god) for sports. They’ve desecrated the Lord’s Day, made people hate over a trophy, & even killed. Succe$$ has been bought at the price of souls. If you name the name of Christ, stop paying money & time to support any of these gods. – 8/27/19


2Co 4.4

“…The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”


Sin is at its core Selfish. You want to wear what you want to wear rather than what God has prodded you toward. Your peers wear “x” & you want their approval more than you want the peace that comes from perfect obedience. You want to say what you hear at work or when with peers. God doesn’t want His followers to speak like worldlings but (in spiritual blindness) you think “x” word/term sounds cool & you aren’t careful in your speech. – 8/27/19


“Faith is choosing to believe

that God tells the truth!”

– John Whiteman, testimony, 4/15/92

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