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Jude 7 +

Jude 7

“Even as Sodom & Gomorrha & the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication & going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”


Family Altar Dad, it’s your privilege to lead your home in Family Altar. If you’ve not gotten started, allow some suggestions. Select a time (not hour necessarily) & do your best to stick with it. Perhaps A.) Right after breakfast or dinner or supper B.) Right before younger children go to bed (The latter worked best at our house.) 8/28/19


“Friends, you must have the fuss taken out of your heart if you ever see God.”

– H Robb French



People come and people go,

And people are forgotten.

Pride is such a fleeting thing,

And fame – it is half rotten.

The Lord rules and the Lord reigns,

The Lord – He is forever.

The only place of lasting worth,

Is in His holy favor. – eab, Aug. 1984


Family Altar Choose NT Book, perhaps a Gospel to read A.) A complete chapter is nice but don’t feel it a must B.) Take turns reading a verse including the youngest who can read C.) Allow an older sibling to help the younger one with pronunciation – permit no making fun (laughter, but not mocking) of mispronunciation 8/28/19


“How can one be holy on the inside

& sexy on the outside?”

– H Robb French


Family Altar Pray A.) Allow all each child to make a prayer request B.) Pray up the family line by age [If older pray first a younger child may feel intimidated or not see anything about which to pray.] C.) Instruct (or show by example) that one can talk to God about anything & that we talk to God in the same basic tone & language that we talk to people 8/28/19


Psa 119.11

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart,

that I might not sin against thee.”


“There is no scripture to support their theory of separation of rapture & revelation…

proponents are mostly Calvinists.”

– L D Wilcox


Family Altar Include some form of Bible memorization A.) All the same verse this week – new one next week or B.) Shorter verse for younger ones – longer verse for older C.) Make sure to include the Book with chap. verse reference D.) Include review often enough to cement verse in all of your minds. -8/28/19


“…There is no holiness for man

unless it is based on the holiness of God.”

– L D Wilcox

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