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Mat 26.52 +

Mat 26.52

“Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.”


“When men are opposed to holiness

it is because holiness is opposed to them.”

– J A Wood /Perfect Love/


LONG POST America’s very fabric was stretched, frayed, & torn by the tragedy called the Civil War. There were men & boys who wore uniforms in gray & there were men & boys arrayed in uniforms of blue. The gentlemen who had the hardest “job” in those saddest of national yrs wore black. They were the ministers on both sides who tried to help their hurting & sorrowful congregations. They had to pray with the sick, comfort the sorrowing, & bury the dead or hold a memorial service when the deceased had been buried near a distant battle spot. These ministers had to try to speak of the love of God in this era filled with hate, they had to present the Bible, which in one way or the other condemned the actions of north & south, & they had to point souls to the Christ Who loved men in both colors equally. I’m sorry for the battle fields which dot this state & that, sorry for the horrors of war, sorry for the struggles between local loyalties & national feelings, sorry for this greatest blot on the American soul but I have to admire, even at this distance, the men on horseback with little more than Bible, hymnbook, & a change of cloths, whose hearts bled for the bleeding, who fervently prayed with the hurting, & yet loved all men & God in those far, fierce days of war. God bless their memory. – 8/31/19


“Seeking the applause of men cherishes & gratifies human depravity

at the expense of divine displeasure. It is gross idolatry.”

– J A Wood /Perfect Love/



Want wealth? Your “ship” may not land.

Want looks? They may not be your part.

Want fame? It will flow out like sand.

Want Christ? He can *now* be in your heart.

– eab, 8/31/12


God’s Kingdom WILL come – it’s wonderful to know that the Father Will win. The Lord is now giving us the choice to be inside His Kingdom – or – to be outside It. Choose well, my friend, choose well. – 8/30/19


“The Bible is God’s recipe book for making holy people. You must follow the recipe exactly

if you want to be a holy, Christ like person.”

– Samuel L Brengle


Wm Sherman (Civil War general) is said to have said “War is h_ _ _.” Sadly, war has been man’s “invention” to send more to the place of damnation than perhaps any other. With due respect to Sherman (my home town’s near his) he was mistaken. He’d seen war – he’d not seen hell. War is terrible (don’t believe the romantic garbage put out by hollywood) but no man can grasp the horrible combinations of torments & pain which are at the end of a sinful life. Christ died to redeem us from its terrors. Seek Him today.   8/31/19


1Pe 3.11

“Let him eschew evil & do good;

let him seek peace & ensue it.”


Christians hate no one. Hear ye, No One. If your loyalties to a political “party” encourages you to hate an opposing group, get out. If your “patriotism” has a built-in hatred toward people across an ideological boundary, it’s time to leave. If your church/cult fosters hatred toward non-members you’re definitely in the wrong belief. Seek Jesus Christ who can (at your New Birth) bring into your heart His wonderful love. – 8/31/19


“We must feed the young converts on those promises & instructions in God’s Word

that will lead them into entire Sanctification.”

– Samuel L Brengle

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