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Luk 16.23 +

Luk 16.23

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments & seeth Abraham afar off & Lazarus…”


“It takes a broadminded person to find the narrow way.”

– J Belvin Green, 5/9/91


Do not make up jokes about hell. Do not joke about heaven. I beg you to do neither. Hell is no laughing matter. It is no laughing matter to saints weeping that friends/relatives be saved from dropping into perdition. If we would hear only at a distance & only for a few seconds the sounds of Hell we would either never joke about it or we would likely be lost ourselves if we did. Heaven is the opposite but still such a serious thing that joking should be avoided. Let our humor be slight & only the best. And let us not be light about either heaven above or hell below. – 9/3/19


“If you don’t love them

 you can’t preach to them.”

– J Belvin Green, 6/11/98



For a brief moment only,

A butterfly landed,

Before it expanded,

Its wings and moved on.

But that moment revealed

Such orange and black splendor,

Such structure such form,

As only a Creator could render,

That one wonders why, with butterflies around,

Atheist, agnostics, or their kind can be found.

And another thought persists on presentation,

Such beauty, though of such brief revelation,

Was still beauty.

Beauty, howe’er brief it may be,

Is still beautiful to see!

Friend, your life and mine,

Though complexed and completed by activities of time,

Is just as short by eternity’s standard,

As the moment an insect spent before it bounded.

Make it beautiful, friend, make it remembered by,

The color and structure, and years from now

When you’ve bounded away,

Its beauty will be able to stay.

– eab, Sept 1975


Please, Friends, I beg of you be careful with “humor.” Let me quickly say there’s a place for a little “pleasantry;” a place for outright laughter, when the absurd accidentally happens. Having said that, too many people seem to be seeking humor, wanting, yea craving to be entertained. Do some ministers see themselves as the M.C. rather than a man called of God to lead a congregation to worship? Are some men more interested in laughs than in the presentation of truth? Humor can be “clean” yet out of place. God has called no one to merely entertain. – 9/3/19


“Sin is a want of conformity to the law of God [as] blindness is a want of sight…”

– Isaac Watts


1Jo 3.1

“…what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.”


It’s night. There’s a night light on, if that. You’re kneeling or sitting in your prayer chair starting to talk to God. When’s the last time you slowly, meditatively prayed what’s commonly called “The Lord’s Prayer”? Whisper or in a low voice say that important leading word “Our.” Allow yourself to realize that Christ didn’t say “My” & oh, how truly God was “My Father” to Him. Nor did Christ say “your” which is equally true. He taught us to say “Our.” Christians share the Father from continent to isle, from sky-line to sea-shore. Wonder-o-wonders we even share the Father God with the One who taught us to pray this prayer. -9/3/19


“We are immortal till our work is done.”

– George               Whitfield

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