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Mar 9.44, 46, 48

“Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”


“Compromise, modernism is the anesthetic the devil uses while your religion is being removed.”

– J Belvin Green, 6/11/98


You bought a car (nearly new or jalopy) but you were deceived; it was not what you thought. You sought an education (state or “christian”) but were deceived & disappointed. You found a wife (or husband) but you were deceived; the marriage was a disaster. Please Friend do not be deceived about Salvation. Cars come & cars go, a poor education can be overcome & even marriage is only for life but True Salvation lasts forever – – – damnation is also forever. – 9/5/19


“When we exempt ourselves from the hurts,

we exempt ourselves from the blessings.”

– J Belvin Green, 2/3/92



God has given much to me

An unending sky, a fathomless sea

Food more than some great past kings

Clothes and shoes – too many things

Health that keeps me off a hospital floor

And away from the specialist’s door

I’ve a lady, my very own wife

To have and to hold all of life

Two sons with mates and kids of their own

Daughters married (seed numbers unknown)

God has given much to me

These lines I hope help you see.

– eab, Sep. ’01


Some sadly still “celebrate” halloween. “What’s wrong with a black cat? Or a mask? Or a haunted house?” Please think about your questions. Americanized “christian” culture pulls you toward involvement – wants to tell you it’s basically innocent – have a little fun. No. Instead read the background on this holiday – it’s not pretty. Be grown up enough to see that satan & his crew have used this day. Please, Friend, become aware that God’s view of innocence is more pure, more holy than most of us grasp. 9/5/19


“…Parables…Always a picture in the first sentence…”

– Bruce Barton


1Pe 1.5

“Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation

ready to be revealed in the last time.”


Thank God for Fall. There’s so much to relish about Fall: apples – on the tree & in your hand, pumpkins (un-carved) & their wonderful pies, cold fresh apple-cider, colored leaves both as they swirl down & as they “paint” the ground, gathering nuts & dried “weeds” for fall arrangements, the final “fruits” of the garden, enjoying the harvest moon, & if a neighbor burns leaves the smell of those in the autumn air. And – – – these say nothing about hunting squirrels & other game. Thank God for Fall. – 9/5/19


“There are times when nothing a man can say

is nearly so powerful as saying nothing.”

– Bruce Barton

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