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1Pe 2.11 +

1Pe 2.11

“Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers & pilgrims,

abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;”


“Success is more toxic than failure.”

– Jeremy               Fuller, sermon, 2/16/15


God can use a man (has numerous times) with a fair amount of education but only after he becomes totally dead to his degree(s). And God can use a man without a degree but it’ll be after he dies out to not having much schooling. – 9/9/19


“Sanctification brings ‘rest from inner turmoil between the flesh & the spirit’(or similar idea).”

– Jeremy               Fuller, sermon, 9/23/18


Some have said millions of words but the day comes when we’ll say our last. Words are verbal bits of our personality released for others to hear. Please friend, don’t waste these “bits” saying the frivolous, the merely “funny,” or the false. “For by thy words thou shalt be justified & by thy words thou shalt be condemned”(Mat 12.37). Make your words count for eternity. – 9/9/19



Adam and his pretty wife, Eve

Didn’t God’s Word fully believe

They listened to satan’s lie

Lost garden-home. Bye-Bye.

satan had something “up his sleeve.” – eab, 9/9/10


The holiness of God is backed by the Old Testament. His perfect holiness is supported by the New Testament. Our Christian experience affirms that God is holy. As we walk with Him He impresses us, invites us (mere mortals) to be holy – in fact His words become more than an invite – “Be ye holy…” 1Pe 1.16. Do you have a holy heart? Are you seeking one? “It is for us all today, if we trust & truly pray…” L.L.Pickett wrote & he was right. – 9/9/19


“…Genius is the ability to become a boy again at will.”

– Bruce Barton


Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth

will draw all men unto me.”


Christ is attractive. He is not physically (Isa 53 makes that clear) but His selflessly coming to be One of us, His priceless teaching to us, & His dying for us warrants attention. Much of “christianity” is not attractive. Gothic buildings, “artsy” windows, & pipe organs are not of-them-selves “christian.” The crusades were anything but christian. Modern attempts at disco-style “churches” are not either. But Christ Himself is attractive. Seek Him. Become His servant. You can love Him without these pretentious accretions. – 9/9/19


“The Middle Ages featured ‘mystery plays’…in theaters or public squares.

The Reformation replaced theatrics with biblical exposition.”

– John A Bjorlik

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