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1Ti 2.9 +

1Ti 2.9

“…That women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness & sobriety;

not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;”


“If you quote the Bible to them they look at you &

want to know what science says about it.”

– V O Agan, ‘55 Conf. Serm.


There’s a certain freedom in not having to wear metal/plastic/wood/pearly ornaments. And there’s certain joy in possessing (by God’s wonderful grace) the pricey inner ornament of a “meek & quiet spirit”(1Pe 3.4) which God & you see & find delightful. There is certainly a savings in time – not having to decide which piece of “stuff” will color-coordinate with the chosen outfit for the day. And a savings on stress or mental anxiety about whether peers will think they match & “love them” or show disapproval by ignoring today’s “bling.” Oh, the freedom of a fresh, plain appearance. – 9/15/19


“Self loves self. We are so easy on self & hard on others,

unless we are desperate for the victory.”

– V O Agan, ‘55 Conf. Serm.



The battle for Faith is on

And the lines along which it is drawn

Are clear lines and strong lines

Known to the foe and his throng.

– eab, Sep. 1981


Read your Bible, if that is the best you can do. A step up, would be to read the Bible & make an honest effort to memorize from It (please try to do both the words of a verse/part of vs & also the reference). An even higher step would be to become a student of the Word. Read it with pen & straight edge or high-lighter (caution: some high-lighters bleed through the page) or with a computer file open, dedicated to that chapter (or Book) or with a paper pad beside you. Make notes, See sequences, Connect similar (or exact) words, Ask yourself questions, Make lists, etc. You cannot know too much of the Bible! – 9/15/19


“Costly grace…is the kingly rule of Christ…It is costly because it costs a man his life

& it is grace because it gives a man the only true life.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


Rom 16.19

“…I would have you wise unto that which is good,

and simple concerning evil.”


If you teach in a Christian sch. or do home schooling, Please do not subject students to over-doses of heathendom. Ancient Egyptians were heathens (God delivered Jews from them). Assyrians & Babylonians were heathens, as were the Medes & Persians. Some past “christians” tried to white-wash the Greeks & Romans. No. They were as heathen (served same gods – different names) as previous evil systems. – 9/15/19


“It is almost taken for granted in the NT

that Tribulation is the normal lot of Christians.”

– F F Bruce


Have you found the clothing style – length, fullness, thickness – to be comfortable in God’s sight? Or are you unstable; looking at what peers are wearing & moving toward them? (I wish this applied only to females but sadly I see “males” changing.) God has something better for you. He is “Author of Modesty” He should be in charge of your closet. Men, dress like men (real ladies like that). Ladies, be feminine (men appreciate that). – 9/15/19

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