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2Ti 4.10 +

2Ti 4.10

“For Demas hath forsaken me,

having loved this present world

[emphasis added]


“The carnal nature is the thing that makes you sore

 when you get hurt.”

– T M Anderson


#1. You once walked the more careful road but something caught your attention on the left & you moved that way. You still profess to be a Christian (perhaps even to be filled with the Spirit) but this is overtop outward evidences of habits & language you once did not have. In the middle of the night or when contemplating death, you miss those happier, holier days. – 9/13/19


“We cannot hope to escape the flood of evil which threatens to overwhelm the believers today

unless we are constantly refilled & re-invigorated by the Holy Spirit.”

– T M Anderson



The mighty oak from an acorn came,

Bursting, throbbing, growing in strain;

Pulled up by the light, pushed up by the rain.

It didn’t happen over night.


No stalwart man is instant made.

It takes pressure, decisions, days of shade;

Pulled up by prayer, pushed by reading, rare.

Small souls and fires quickly fade.

– eab Sept. 1975


“It is impossible to separate doctrine and

 morality in the Christian Church.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


#2. Will you return?  I wish you would. And you can! Will it be easy? No. It’ll be hard to explain to children when you move (inside of you & outside) back to Biblical life. It’ll hard to tell peers you’ll no longer run “…with them to the same excess of riot…”(1Pe 4.4). But 15 sec. inside Heaven you’ll be so joyful. Come back, O, come back. – 9/13/19


Gen 5.5, 8, 11, 14, 17 etc.

“…& he died …& he died …& he died …& he died …& he died …& he died.”


“His days are numbered” or “Her days are numbered” you’ve perhaps said or heard said. Tough statement if you loved him or her. *Let me come a little closer.* Your days are numbered too – as are mine. Some souls days are numbered in 5 digits. Some 4 digits or 3 but all of us have numbered days. We simply do not know that number. “…Now is the day of salvation”(2co 6.2). – 9/14/19


“To refuse to believe in the gospel

is the worst sin imaginable.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

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