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1Ti 4.12 +

1Ti 4.12

“Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers,

in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”


Some of you know enough Methodist history to know the name Richard Watson. He preached his 1st sermon in a cottage, day after be turned 15. Francis Asbury was redeemed at 14. By age 18 he was preaching as many as 5 times a week. Much more recently S D Herron (founder of HSBC) was pastoring at 17. ** Where are the young men today who’re willing to study the word, pray deeply for insights, & step out early to mind God? -9/25/19


“A man can judge his spiritual standing by the moral standard of the things

his heart ponders with pleasure.”

– H A Baldwin /Holiness & t Human Element/


Giving God 100% access to your soul allows you to enjoy Him & Him, in all this Majestic Majesty, to (don’t ask me how this works) enjoy you. – 9/21/19


“You’ll never be satisfied with anything less

than what you have already experienced”

– Archie Atwell, Jr.


earthly paradise

Some seek an earthly paradise

Condemning acts they /think/ aren’t nice.

They don’t love God or love what’s right.

Prefer their notions to His Light.

Nor do they desire to be born twice.

– eab, Sept 2009


Dear Godly Pastor or Holy Deacon – Do you have a young man in church who’s clearly saved & either sanctified or seeking to be? You ought to pray about inviting him to hold a Prayer Meeting. Our churches should be “hatching spots” for young preachers. If/when he agrees to speak, let him know you’ll be praying for him as he prepares/preaches. If he does great you’ll have no problem complimenting – if he does poorly, notice words, an illustration, his prayer: something you can honestly say was good. We need young men entering the ministry. Your church could be helping the Kingdom. – 9/25/19


“Moloch & Rephen are planetary divinities, member of the “host of heaven”

…kaiwan is an Assyrian name for the planet Saturn…”

– F F Bruce


Joh 14.6

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:

no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”


Bread, Light, Door, Shepard, Resurrection, Way-Truth-Life, Vine

  1. Joh 6.35 …I am the Bread…
  2. Joh 8.12 …I am the Light…
  3. Joh 10.9 I am the Door…
  4. Joh 10.11 I am the…Shepherd…
  5. Joh 11.25 …I am the Resurrection
  6. Joh 14.6 …I am the Way, the Truth, & the Life
  7. Joh 15.1 I am the…Vine – “I am the…” 7 wonderful times.


 “God’s forgiveness is full;

it is free, it is forever.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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