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Pro 15.33 +

Pro 15.33

“The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom;

& before honor is humility.”



4 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

Job 40.11 Cast abroad the rage of thy wrath: and behold every one that is PROUD, and abase him.


“When he thought about Father, he thought about heaven!”

– Albert Barr, sermon, 6/16/1991



The birch tree gracefully dropped its leaves.

Its neighboring spruce said, “I’ll hold these”

Holds them as decorations briefly seen

Golden fragments clinging to evergreen.

– eab, 9/24/06


So you’re planning on getting married (or just got married). As a man happily married for 58+ yrs, I highly recommend this holy state – best “state” on earth. But I’m going to warn you. The devil hates few things worse than a happy, pure marriage. He’ll fight you. He’ll point out her peculiarities & temp you to be galled by them. The devil will show you his oddities (“Why would anyone like ___”) & temp you to be impatient. Pray for each other. Forgive (without being asked) your love’s “stupid” actions/words. Know that satan is out to ruin your happy home but he can’t unless you let him. DON’T. – 9/26/19


“Fasting becomes a ‘hunger strike’ against God.”

– Albert Barr, sermon, 6/22/1997


Only God deserves 100%, unquestioned loyalty. No church, no government earns this. “My bishop – my superintendent – my governor – my senator – my president – – – right or wrong.” IS wrong! God warrants 100% devotion – He is 100% right. No man is. Pray & Think seriously about who you “support.” – 9/26/19


1Th 5.24

“Faithful is he that calleth you,

who also will do it.”


“We are destined eternally to spend eternity

where our treasures are.”

– Daryl D Hausman, sermon, 6/15/’95


God has called us all to witness. It may be with words or non-verbally. It may be via a difficult to learn language of another continent or in the vernacular of your native Appalachian or Rocky Mt. valley. It is not just a “preacher thing.” Witnessing may come when least expected, even in what is, for you, a crisis hour. And – witnessing is not telling Bill he should not smoke (he already senses that) but rather in words (or non-verbally) letting him glimpse the joy Jesus has given you. – 9/26/19


“Prayer is like work – it moves something.”

– Tillman Harris

[1] Written after Martha noticed leaves on the way to church (Murie Lane, N Pole, AK) with Andrew/Vonnie and family.

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