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1Sa 2.3 +

1Sa 2.3

“Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth:

for the LORD is a God of knowledge & by him actions are weighed.”


46 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

1Jo 2.16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the PRIDE of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.


“The purpose of God is not to make you happy;

The purpose of God is to make you holy.”

– V O Agan, IHC sermon 4/21/92



Man as an artist is static.

He writes and his work is “done.”

He paints and it is “finished.”

He builds – and the prize is won.

God, by honorable, awesome contrast,

Has “art” both fluid and formal.

Today God’s works are like “so”

Tomorrow, He re-defines “normal.”

– eab, 9/14/06


Pray for your pastor. Remember he needs a study (at church, if that’s his preference) or room in parsonage. Don’t begrudge his time in it. John Wesley wanted his preachers reading 5 hours a day. (That, of course was reading books, not cruising the internet calling it “study-time.”) Pray God will lead him into fresh Bible truths. Now & then you need to leave the House of God saying to yourself (or family) “I never heard that before” or “I never thought of it that way” (both in positive context). If you’re not praying everyday for your pastor & his pulpit ministry, don’t complain to anyone – mate included. – 9/14/19


“Carnality may be bound but he is always seeking his liberty.”

– V O Agan, sermon 2/12/98


Pray for your pastor. Unless you’ve pastored a few yrs (being a PK doesn’t quite “cut it”) you don’t know his burdens. He’s tempted to give what he calls “encouraging messages” (others may say “sugar coated”) too frequently & avoid controversial subjects. He’s tempted to be vague about sins he sees/senses prevalent among the youth. He’s tempted to preach favorite “themes.” He’s tempted to be popular with the “ruling” church clique. He’s tempted to not make calls (If a pastor is not calling at your home, you’re both missing a blessing.) Or he’s tempted to call on certain homes too often/neglect others. – 9/14/19


Jam 5.16

“…Pray one for another that ye may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”


“We’ll never reach the world except

with the message of holiness…”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/


When you exit a theater, whether players are live on stage or on film, you leave with a music theme swirling through your head. You leave with a street-scene or violence or a bedroom-scene replaying itself. Many of my readers have never been to bed with anyone than your God-given mate but the lust depicted before you tends to dirty your mind. Many by-gone souls, when becoming Christians, stopped going to the “moving-picture-shows” (as then labeled). It seems church members & even ordained preachers are now going. Why? Have we backslidden? Does God now smile on what He frowned? – 9/14/19


“In the spiritual realm in this day you can find many who have left Sodom but God could never get Sodom our of them.”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/

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Isa 43.7 +

Isa 43.7

“Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory,

I have formed him…”


45 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

1Ti 3.6 Not a novice, lest being lifted up with PRIDE he fall into the condemnation of the devil.


“God created man & woman to have an affinity between the two in the fear of God,

in the light of holiness, until He could smile upon them in holy wedlock.”

– J Wesley Adcock


FLOW Written Middle Fork (Chandalar River) bank, AK

The water flowed smoothly from left to right,

The water flowed gently day and night.

The flow of the water was a calming sight,

Slow and quiet and low.


The water had come from some distance away,

The water had been rain or snow in a previous day,

It had been these but it could not stay,

So it’s no longer snow.


The river moves incessantly;

The river moves again to the far sea.

Moving is the water, yet it stays apparently

The flow is a spectacular show. – eab, 9/13/06


If you are to preach – “Preach the Word…” (2Ti 4.2a). If you’ve not read the Good Book through, start (No, don’t wait till January 1) start today. Begin to read the Scriptures as never before. Don’t feel you have to read it Genesis to Revelation, God may have you read it in a different manner. It is a big Book but it’s a delightful Book. (If you haven’t heard these figures, 3 ch. a day & 5 on the Lord’s Day, allows you to read in through in 365.) There is no book on the face of earth that compares with it. – 8/19/19


“…Individuals…remember in Hell…remembering that they did not have to go there

–it was their own decision.”

– J Wesley Adcock


People improve. Some feel so good about their improvement they become proud. “Improvements” will get no one into heaven. You like your “new improved” version of you, your family likes you better (now that you are “better”), even society likes you, but improvements are earth-bound. It takes an active belief in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ to redeem you. Please, friend, do not stop with mere improvements to a sinner – you can be Born Again – – – and Must – “…Ye must be born again”(Joh 3.7). – 9/6/19


Joh 3.7

“Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”


“Revivals are born after midnight.”

– Glenn Griffith


“Life” among sinners has always been too cheap. “Life” was cheapened by WWI, WWII, & the almost continual wars since. Lately a new “war” has developed – killing babes in the womb – a further cheapening of “Life,” (your own flesh & blood). This cheapening of life is continuing with the upswing in suicides. Christians, do not accept suicides as an acceptable way to end life. You did not start life – – – you have no right to end it. It is Murder – the murder if self & is a deadly sin. – 9/12/19

P.S. This is NOT posted to argue about past suicides >> Please do not bring them up << this is to PREVENT future awful deaths. Thank you.


“The only place where God works

is in the realm of faith.”

– Glenn Griffith /I Sought for a Man/

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Psa 9.8 +

Psa 9.8

“And he shall judge the world in righteousness,

he shall minister judgment to the people in uprightness.”


“How could a person be comfortable in the presence of a Holy God with…

jealousy, anger, lust, pride, & covetousness – in his heart?”

– H Robb French


It seems it matters, to several people, what “x” actor (or actress) thinks. They are posted as being “for” some politician or action or “opposed” to another. Friend, do Not allow anyone from hollywood: Owner, Director, Actor, Lighting expert, Sound man, etc. to influence your thinking about real life. The places called hollywood, broadway, or disney are about as fake as it is possible to be on earth. Ignore them & any opinions they may have. – 9/10/19


“Attacks on the Bible are really attacks on Christ.”

– Eldon Fuhrman, PhD


When two walk together, the lesser (student/child/younger friend) needs to be sensitive to the actions of the greater, stopping when he stops, looking at what he’s seeing, starting when he starts. And, he should endeavor to keep pace with him or slow down as he does. (Often children want to run ahead – or the lazy may lag behind.) Or change this to hunter & guide – don’t get ahead of your guide. After all, you’re paying him to show you the way; not you show him how smart you are. – 9/10/19



The peak was pink in the morning glow

Combination of far, hot sun, cold, close snow.

At noon it was clearly unmatched white

Brilliant in glory of meridian bright.

T’was a purple peak in the evening shades

When sun “surrenders” to night and slowly fades.

It “disappears” or is black at night

Disappears? No, it’s still there in its grand height,

All colorful views of which I speak

Are of the same majestic, singular peak

The difference is

The difference in


– eab, Sep. 2009


The smartest thing you’ll ever do is become a Believer in Jesus Christ & believe/obey Him forever. Not as important by far but a good thing, is to become a doubter of what sinful man says. Sinful man, in cahoots with satan (father of lies) is going to tell you what he thinks is “best for you to know” (& best for his wealth or agenda) not necessarily the Truth. Become a Believer. Become a doubter. They tend to go together. -9/11/19


“The wars of Israel were the only ‘holy wars’ in history

 for they were the wars of God against the world of idols.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


1Sa 15.23a

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,

& stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry.”


Allow me to urge you to have nothing to do with the word/action of rebelling. Or rebellion. Or revolution. Or revolt. God is the King of heaven & earth. He is a God of infinite order. Those who rebel against Him & His order are going to suffer. BTW it’s not the job of a Christian to support any man-made societital change – we’re not of this world. Our allegiance is higher; to the heavenly Kingdom. Please don’t get too involved with parties or politics. 9/11/19


“…Ananias & Sapphira showed how perilous pretended

or half-hearted adhesion might be.”

– F F Bruce

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1Pe 2.11 +

1Pe 2.11

“Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers & pilgrims,

abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul;”


“Success is more toxic than failure.”

– Jeremy               Fuller, sermon, 2/16/15


God can use a man (has numerous times) with a fair amount of education but only after he becomes totally dead to his degree(s). And God can use a man without a degree but it’ll be after he dies out to not having much schooling. – 9/9/19


“Sanctification brings ‘rest from inner turmoil between the flesh & the spirit’(or similar idea).”

– Jeremy               Fuller, sermon, 9/23/18


Some have said millions of words but the day comes when we’ll say our last. Words are verbal bits of our personality released for others to hear. Please friend, don’t waste these “bits” saying the frivolous, the merely “funny,” or the false. “For by thy words thou shalt be justified & by thy words thou shalt be condemned”(Mat 12.37). Make your words count for eternity. – 9/9/19



Adam and his pretty wife, Eve

Didn’t God’s Word fully believe

They listened to satan’s lie

Lost garden-home. Bye-Bye.

satan had something “up his sleeve.” – eab, 9/9/10


The holiness of God is backed by the Old Testament. His perfect holiness is supported by the New Testament. Our Christian experience affirms that God is holy. As we walk with Him He impresses us, invites us (mere mortals) to be holy – in fact His words become more than an invite – “Be ye holy…” 1Pe 1.16. Do you have a holy heart? Are you seeking one? “It is for us all today, if we trust & truly pray…” L.L.Pickett wrote & he was right. – 9/9/19


“…Genius is the ability to become a boy again at will.”

– Bruce Barton


Joh 12.32

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth

will draw all men unto me.”


Christ is attractive. He is not physically (Isa 53 makes that clear) but His selflessly coming to be One of us, His priceless teaching to us, & His dying for us warrants attention. Much of “christianity” is not attractive. Gothic buildings, “artsy” windows, & pipe organs are not of-them-selves “christian.” The crusades were anything but christian. Modern attempts at disco-style “churches” are not either. But Christ Himself is attractive. Seek Him. Become His servant. You can love Him without these pretentious accretions. – 9/9/19


“The Middle Ages featured ‘mystery plays’…in theaters or public squares.

The Reformation replaced theatrics with biblical exposition.”

– John A Bjorlik

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Rev 21.5 +

Rev 21.5

“And he that sat upon the throne said,

Behold, I make all things new…”


44 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Mar 7.22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, PRIDE, foolishness:


“You can’t understand the Bible without the new heart.”

– C B Fugett



On the broad road you can pull a wide load:

The pleasure, the frolic, the game.

You feel you must pursue them, really want to do them

Without “sport” and “show,” life would be sooo tame.

But believe it or not, you’ll someday see them as rot

Acknowledge their binding strings with shame.

(For narrow is the way to eternity’s bright day.)

Your excuses to the Almighty will be very lame.

– eab, Sept  2011


Every 7 days there comes ‘round the most special of days. Some (sadly) call it “sun-day” – we don’t worship the sun & the sun (made for the earth Gen 1) shouldn’t have a day of honor. Some have tried to pull “sabbath” across the line from OT to NT & others use “christian sabbath” – it is neither. The Friends used to use “First Day” which is accurate to the calendar week. Does the Bible have a title for this special day? John said he was “…in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day…”(Rev 1.10). Thank God for the first day of the week which Jesus made special by His glorious resurrection. It’s right to call it the Lord’s Day. – 9/8/19


“We are all just as other men until the Spirit of God comes upon us.

How badly we need Him.”

– C B Fugett


Some (most J) of you see me has peculiar & I am. Here’s one thing – I like corn & I like beans but you can have the succotash. Nor do I care for mixed fruits. Just recently the Lord helped me to see I DO like His Mixed Fruit. Oh, I thank God for them. Let us all become partakers of His “Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance” (Gal 5.22-23). Not worthy but I thank God for these in my life. – 9/8/19


Gal 5.1

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free

& be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”


“Holiness promotes human happiness by affording a true estimate

& interpretation of the ills of life.”

– J A Wood /Sunset Echoes/


Heathen have been guilty of trying to “add Jesus” to their god-shelf. They already had a god for “x” & a god for “y” so adding another “God” was not a problem to them – it IS a problem to Jesus Christ. Christianity is exclusive. Christ is the only way to come to God (“…I am the way the truth & the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” Joh 14.6). Friend – – – are you trying to add Jesus to your shelf? The Lord of Heaven & earth must be your only True Loyalty; all earthly “gods” must go. – 9/8/19


“…Perfect love excluding hatred, perfect faith excluding unbelief,

perfect humility excluding pride.”

– J A Wood /Sunset Echoes/

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Mar 1.11 +

Mar 1.11

“And there came a voice from heaven, saying,

Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”


43 of 46 “…Pride & arrogancy…do I hate”(Pro 8.13).

Zec 11.3 There is a voice of the howling of the shepherds; for their glory is spoiled: a voice of the roaring of young lions; for the PRIDE of Jordan is spoiled


“There are no happy backsliders.”

– C B Fugett



Out in the west, where the wind likes to blow,

Blowing dust, blowing moisture, blowing snow,

They plant trees and shrubs row upon neat row,

Diverting the wind, telling it where to go.

The Holy Spirit is “typed” to us as wind,

Moving softly or forcefully, He does send.

Do nothing, oh, please do nothing to offend,

The Spirit’s moving on your home/heart, my friend.

– eab, 9/6/09


Your theology may (IMO) be lacking on “sub-point III.” I may wish you weren’t so vocal about “x” or “y” (cultural/educational/financial issues). We see the history of revivals (or other history) through different lenses. But if you’re walking in all Your spiritual light & I am walking in all My spiritual light we can fellowship. Here & hopefully in a far better world on high. (I speak not of sin – no sin will enter heaven – but of opinions/notions which seem to lack clear, Biblical standings.) – 8/21/19


“If the Scriptures are not reliable in details

how shall we reach general conclusions.”

– Eldon Fuhrman, PhD


Do you sin? Do you purposely do what you know is wrong? Those souls bound to Catholism tend to ask God to forgive them once a week. Those under the bands of Calvinism tend to ask God to forgive them once a day (bedtime prayers). The Bible teaches a higher life. You & I can be forgiven & regenerated so sinning stops. Read the little Book called John I. Christ salvation is not a death-bed, bearly-made-it-in variety. We can live above sin now. – 9/3/19


Isa 14.9

“Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.”


“…One thing tht [sic] will mark Christian perfection…

will be a willingness & readiness to apologize…”

– L D Wilcox /Profiles in Wesleyan…/


There is a heaven over head. Period. Silly man (in his fleshly wisdom) may argue for no heaven but he’s so wrong. The devil, with whom he is in cahoots, has fooled him but satan knows there’s a heaven – he fell from there a long time ago – Christ said, “I beheld satan as lightning fall from heaven” (Luk 10.18).- 9/5/19


“He [man] is free to choose how he will act but

he is not free to choose the results of this action.”

– L D Wilcox /Profiles in Wesleyan…/

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Mar 9.44, 46, 48 +

Mar 9.44, 46, 48

“Where their worm dieth not & the fire is not quenched.”


“Compromise, modernism is the anesthetic the devil uses while your religion is being removed.”

– J Belvin Green, 6/11/98


You bought a car (nearly new or jalopy) but you were deceived; it was not what you thought. You sought an education (state or “christian”) but were deceived & disappointed. You found a wife (or husband) but you were deceived; the marriage was a disaster. Please Friend do not be deceived about Salvation. Cars come & cars go, a poor education can be overcome & even marriage is only for life but True Salvation lasts forever – – – damnation is also forever. – 9/5/19


“When we exempt ourselves from the hurts,

we exempt ourselves from the blessings.”

– J Belvin Green, 2/3/92



God has given much to me

An unending sky, a fathomless sea

Food more than some great past kings

Clothes and shoes – too many things

Health that keeps me off a hospital floor

And away from the specialist’s door

I’ve a lady, my very own wife

To have and to hold all of life

Two sons with mates and kids of their own

Daughters married (seed numbers unknown)

God has given much to me

These lines I hope help you see.

– eab, Sep. ’01


Some sadly still “celebrate” halloween. “What’s wrong with a black cat? Or a mask? Or a haunted house?” Please think about your questions. Americanized “christian” culture pulls you toward involvement – wants to tell you it’s basically innocent – have a little fun. No. Instead read the background on this holiday – it’s not pretty. Be grown up enough to see that satan & his crew have used this day. Please, Friend, become aware that God’s view of innocence is more pure, more holy than most of us grasp. 9/5/19


“…Parables…Always a picture in the first sentence…”

– Bruce Barton


1Pe 1.5

“Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation

ready to be revealed in the last time.”


Thank God for Fall. There’s so much to relish about Fall: apples – on the tree & in your hand, pumpkins (un-carved) & their wonderful pies, cold fresh apple-cider, colored leaves both as they swirl down & as they “paint” the ground, gathering nuts & dried “weeds” for fall arrangements, the final “fruits” of the garden, enjoying the harvest moon, & if a neighbor burns leaves the smell of those in the autumn air. And – – – these say nothing about hunting squirrels & other game. Thank God for Fall. – 9/5/19


“There are times when nothing a man can say

is nearly so powerful as saying nothing.”

– Bruce Barton

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Luk 16.23 +

Luk 16.23

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments & seeth Abraham afar off & Lazarus…”


“It takes a broadminded person to find the narrow way.”

– J Belvin Green, 5/9/91


Do not make up jokes about hell. Do not joke about heaven. I beg you to do neither. Hell is no laughing matter. It is no laughing matter to saints weeping that friends/relatives be saved from dropping into perdition. If we would hear only at a distance & only for a few seconds the sounds of Hell we would either never joke about it or we would likely be lost ourselves if we did. Heaven is the opposite but still such a serious thing that joking should be avoided. Let our humor be slight & only the best. And let us not be light about either heaven above or hell below. – 9/3/19


“If you don’t love them

 you can’t preach to them.”

– J Belvin Green, 6/11/98



For a brief moment only,

A butterfly landed,

Before it expanded,

Its wings and moved on.

But that moment revealed

Such orange and black splendor,

Such structure such form,

As only a Creator could render,

That one wonders why, with butterflies around,

Atheist, agnostics, or their kind can be found.

And another thought persists on presentation,

Such beauty, though of such brief revelation,

Was still beauty.

Beauty, howe’er brief it may be,

Is still beautiful to see!

Friend, your life and mine,

Though complexed and completed by activities of time,

Is just as short by eternity’s standard,

As the moment an insect spent before it bounded.

Make it beautiful, friend, make it remembered by,

The color and structure, and years from now

When you’ve bounded away,

Its beauty will be able to stay.

– eab, Sept 1975


Please, Friends, I beg of you be careful with “humor.” Let me quickly say there’s a place for a little “pleasantry;” a place for outright laughter, when the absurd accidentally happens. Having said that, too many people seem to be seeking humor, wanting, yea craving to be entertained. Do some ministers see themselves as the M.C. rather than a man called of God to lead a congregation to worship? Are some men more interested in laughs than in the presentation of truth? Humor can be “clean” yet out of place. God has called no one to merely entertain. – 9/3/19


“Sin is a want of conformity to the law of God [as] blindness is a want of sight…”

– Isaac Watts


1Jo 3.1

“…what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.”


It’s night. There’s a night light on, if that. You’re kneeling or sitting in your prayer chair starting to talk to God. When’s the last time you slowly, meditatively prayed what’s commonly called “The Lord’s Prayer”? Whisper or in a low voice say that important leading word “Our.” Allow yourself to realize that Christ didn’t say “My” & oh, how truly God was “My Father” to Him. Nor did Christ say “your” which is equally true. He taught us to say “Our.” Christians share the Father from continent to isle, from sky-line to sea-shore. Wonder-o-wonders we even share the Father God with the One who taught us to pray this prayer. -9/3/19


“We are immortal till our work is done.”

– George               Whitfield

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Rev 20.4 +

Rev 20.4

“I saw…the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus,

& for the word of God…”


Reading the Bible through will not save you. Reading It through in a yr (3 ch. a day/5 on Lord’s Day) won’t save you. (We’re redeemed only by faith in our wonderful Lord.) I question you’ll stay saved long if you can read, yet refuse to read the Bible. Is It all easy reading? No. There’re parts which are harder to read, sections which (as NT Christians) we realize appertain more to the ancient past, there are also verses & words which (though read before) stand out, slow us down, make us think & perhaps pray. Good. Reading the Bible is a proper & perfect Christian discipline. Be disciplined enough to pursue Its Truth every day. -9/2/19


“…We can have our heart so full of divine love that

there will be not room for un-forgiveness or bitterness.”

– H Robb French



Men have had their moments, Glittering in the sun,

Because they ruled, were rich, Or had a little run.

Then their glist’ning clouded,   Dulled into dark night,

Their short day was over,         Out of mind, out of sight.

But God – awesome contrast – Has “ever after” fame.

He is well known – will be,      God is ever the same.

Glorify Him (not man),             Honor His brilliant name. – eab,  9/2/09


“If you’ve really forgiven him you’ll forget about it.” You may be tempted to think this sounds right – It. Is. Not. Unless you have a type of amnesia or are suffering end-of-life mental issues (various titles) you can remember their unkind word or devastating action. As a Christian you chose to not focus on it. When satan brings back a memory (via music, words, pictures, even smells) you refuse to dwell on the negativity. You can remember “x” event but you are now, by Christ’s wonderful grace, living above it. Praise the Lord! -9/2/19


“Self-indulgence is a thing that is putting out revival fires

in the churches in many places.”

– H Robb French


Put no man on a pedestal – Please Heed – no man. Be thankful for any & all the solid Biblical writings left behind by historic, post New Testament men. Be grateful for the men with whom we’ve been privileged “to rub shoulders” (older than us, peers, younger than us) &, if they still live, pray for them. Truth-be-known the best men had/have eccentricities, foibles, short-comings. Have only Christ & His illustrious Book on a pedestal. He alone is worthy of praise. Be glad for men who allowed God to use them, but they’re mere men – Christ is Lord of lords, King of kings. – 9/2/19


Rev 22.9

“…I am thy fellow servant & of thy brethren the prophets

& of them which keep the sayings of this book:

worship God.”


“Man’s departure from God was voluntary;

his return must likewise be voluntary.”

– L D Wilcox /Profiles in Wesleyan…/


In a brief “study” today I realized the Gospel of John has the word Believe over 50 times in 21 chapters. God has helped/is helping me to glimpse (ought I to say finally? L) more deeper the importance – utmost importance – of the words Belief, Believe & their opposite Unbelief, Unbelieving. Matthew has been a favorite Gospel of mine for yrs but this insight helps me see more readily why newly redeemed hearts have been directed over & over to read John first. “…Without faith it is impossible to please…”(Heb 11.6) God. – 9/2/19


“The term original sin was a term first used by the Calvinists…”

– L D Wilcox /Profiles in Wesleyan…/

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Isa 55.2 +

Isa 55.2

“Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread?

& your labor for that which satisfieth not?”


“Perfection is simply completeness.”

– J A Wood /Sunset Echoes/


The gods of sports “demands” temples, “groves,” arenas for worship. Money is lavishly spent. Courts are built to precision, fields are laid out to exact inches, perfectly good pastures are transformed into fairways, “greens” & sand traps (where moos were heard, now moans are), tracks have accurate inclinations & curves, stadium plans pass engineer’s tests for strength, & the list could go on. Men, who live so briefly, spend money earned so sweatingly, just to see their “god’s devotees” run, jump, swim in style.- 8/29/19


“Conscious confidence (faith) and

conscious rebellion cannot co-exist.”

– J A Wood /Sunset Echoes/



Upon a tree with serrated leaf, I found,

A fresh nut growing, smooth and round.

It had grown all summer, at its best,

But September still found it far from rest.

Its shape was right, its form – “No sweat.”

But maturity it was striving for, and

Hadn’t reached there yet.

Its size told that – a little small,

Give it time, “Rome wasn’t built in a fall.”

Its color also revealed its youth,

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t uncouth.

It just lacked the brown of Autumn’s tone,

The pastel acorns claim for their own.

I’m sure given time it will be just right,

Big, full-fruited, sealed Tupperware-tight,

Grown-up color, maturity’s stroke,

The future, miniature, enduring oak.

But this morning, it’s not ready for all that,

Growing feet above the forest floor-mat.

This morning it’s ready to be youthful and green,

To stick by its place and flourish unseen.

I’ve expressed in part what I felt to tell,

Youth to maturity – in a nutshell.


– eab, Sept. 1976


If you ate as sparingly as you read your Bible (1 measly chap. a day) you might lose pounds. If you stayed no longer at the breakfast table, dinner table, supper table & in the “midnight snack” chair daily than you do in prayer you might be a lighter person. And – God help us all, ALL – we might make more sinners hungry for Jesus. Amen?  Ouch? 9/1/19


“The church that is man managed instead of God governed, is doomed to failure.

A ministry that is college trained but not Spirit-filled works no miracles…”

– Samuel Chadwick


If you know me, you know I’m fully in favor of modesty (& I’m not changing). But – ready for this? – do I detect some are substituting modest clothing & lack of metal/wood/pearls/plastic adornment for the Spirit filled life? Do we have churches where most “look right” but there’s seldom (if ever) a victorious shout? Where are the hot testimonies? Keep your modesty (Oh, please do) but make yourself a “committee of one” to obey & pray – to pray & obey until your have meetings which are lead by the Holy Ghost. 9/1/19


2Co 3.17

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: &

where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”


If you’ll read your Bible more (particularly the NT – we’re NT Christians, not OT Jews) the Bible may change your view on eschatology. It may change your view on the Trinity. It may change how you see marriage & the list could go on. I can’t encourage you enough to spend more time with God’s Book. Study it. If it will help, read it on your knees – Geo. Muller read It some that way. Ask God to help you see what you should before each reading. If at all possible read the Bible the first thing in your day – everyday. 9/1/19


“Let persecution come. Let friends forsake & misrepresent us. It will all be forgotten & lost in the glory of His presence, when we patiently finish the race that is set before us.”

– Glenn Griffith (source unknown to eab)

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