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Pro 22.6 +

Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go: &

when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


“To retain the grace of God is much more important than to obtain it.”

– Adam Clarke


Home schoolers make decisions about what their child learns. Don’t allow the secular world to overly overshadow that. There’s too much emphasis laid on ‘a’ or ‘b’ in state (& some christian) schools. Make your curriculum (‘the nuts & bolts’) a deep matter of prayer. Also seek the Lord as to how big the ‘nuts & bolts’ should be, AND of what materials. These are YOUR children (Mar 12.17) not the state’s (& frankly, not your parent’s or sibling’s either). If you are not in position to hear from God, I beg of you Get There. Few people need God’s clear direction more than home schooling dads/moms. -10/4/19


The world by wisdom knew not God…is demonstrated by the writings of the most learned & intelligent heathens…Moses alone…gives a consistent & rational account of the creation.”

– Adam Clarke


Like seed

Every farmer and his wife know

What you plant now is what you grow.

What goes in, is what comes out.

Like seed – like plant, without a doubt.

What got planted? Harvest will show!

– eab, Oct, 2010


“…She read her Bible at her study table by 7 o’clock in the summer

& 8 o’clock in the winter…”

said of Frances R. Havergal


Perchance, a friend or so may’ve thought that eab posts, to be controversial. Rather, I post to awaken, to prod toward Eternal life, to make hungry for God’s “love, joy, peace…” But sleepy people, sleepy pastors, sleepy churches often want to be left alone & when a poor bloke tries to awaken them – he’s consider “controversial.” – 10/7/19


Joh 20.31

“…That ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God;

& that believing ye might have life through his name.”


When you’re persuaded that only those in your group will be in heaven you’ve adopted a Cult mentality. When you’re convinced all will go to heaven you’ve accepted Universalism. Both are extremes; both are deadly; both are false. “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & thou shalt be saved…”(Act 16.31). -10/11/19


 “There is hope for any man who thinks there is nothing in him.”

– D L Moody

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