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Eph 5.25 +

Eph 5.25

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church,

& gave himself for it;”


The male to female marriage is for life but only for earth – it stops here. The Christ-to-His-church marriage is for eternity AND. HAS. NO. END. Hallelujah! Have you made Christ your Lover? – 10/16/19


“Be prudent, be cautious, neither eat, drink, nor wear but as you pay for everything.

Live not on trust [credit-eab]…Labrt hard to live honestly.”

– Adam Clarke


It should make us Happy to see someone else Happy (if it is not sin). “Even if I’m not Happy?” Yes, salvation & especially holiness, allows us, without great effort, to be Happy for others (even when we have sorrow). This is how holiness works. -10/16/19



A wet world is a different world

Drippy, droopy, and drear

But, oh how great when the sun comes out

With skies tinted sky-blue clear.

– eab, 10/16/07


“He who gives his heart to the world robs God of it & in snatching at the shadow of earthly good loses substantial & eternal blessings [in in place of it].”

– Adam Clarke


Home schooling is the earliest form of school. (Who taught Adam/Eve’s kids?) It can be argued it’s the best form. (If anyone loves your child more than you do, drop on your knees. Now.) And, for some parents it may seem the hardest. Please Dad (yes, you, Dad should be involved), Please Mom, ask the Master Teacher to give strength. Ask Him for wisdom. Ask Him to give fresh ideas, little jingles, new approaches (Christ is totally unlimited.) This is a major part of Christian parenting – hold steady. – 10/16/19


Jer 10.2

Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen &

be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.”


“We’re just a few steps behind as we try to coddle perversion

& act like that people cannot be delivered.”

– James Plank


Parents – don’t yield to pressure from evangelical friends, even holiness ones, to include “ideals” of ancient heathens. Greeks/Romans were Heathen without question. Some catholic (& other) sources may try to lead you to think they “saw” God but their paganism far exceeds glimpses of divinity. Your child may need to know name, approx. era, maybe 1 concept of Socrates (& ilk) but never require a Christian home schooler to know much. Study Moses (& like) “Moses alone…gives a consistent & rational account of…creation.” (quote from Adam Clarke) – 10/16/19


“If you’ve been talked into an abortion…

God can forgive you!” [essence of statement)]

– James Plank

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