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Luk 4.8 +

Luk 4.8

“…Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,

& him ONLY shalt thou serve.” [emphasis added]


“Men sent from God…tell us there were demoniacs in their time; you say, ‘No; they were only diseases.’ Whom shall we credit? The men sent from God or you?”

– Adam Clarke


Now & then I see someone refer to roman catholism as a christian denomination. It is not. Their worship of Mary (& belief in her “prayers”) disqualifies it, if nothing else, but there are other serious problems. – 10/11/19


“The church is weak, dark, poor &

imperfect, because it prays little.”

– Adam Clarke



A certain kind of people

Meeting under a tall steeple

Imagine that that’s the church.

Tall walls do not a church make.

New birth is more than a handshake;

Which these find out when in a lurch.


The church is made of redeemed hearts,

And though they meet in various parts,

Under clear sky, under a huge tree;

Worship, that’s why we gather

Even in cold, wet weather.

Church is you and me.

– eab, Oct.  2008


“Emerging Church Movement(ECM)…“positive Sermons…top-forty style contemporary music, dramatic productions, food courts…rock-style worship for the youth.”

– T A McMahon


The study of theology can interest people, even consume their mind for life, but their souls can fail to believe Christ, His glorious promises, & hell become their end. Allow religion/salvation to go deeper than your head. – 10/16/19


Pro 14.34

“Righteousness exalteth a nation:

but sin is a reproach to any people.”


We’ve tried to believe our land is “christian.” We’ve wanted to look at the Pilgrims (far from perfect), at Edwards, Asbury, Finney & the circuit-riders & I thank God for these men. What we don’t want to look at are millions killed by our wars, killed by our legalized liquors (states make untold $ on taxes), killed by our abortionists. Nor the sins of adulterous leaders, sodomy in high places, & immodesty, even in church. Decades ago I realized I was a Christian 1st an American 2nd That Is Serious! I hope it fits readers also.

– 10/16/19


 “The Bible is the Book of Freedom;

the Author of the Bible is the Author of liberty.”

– Carl McIntire

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