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1Jo 2.15 +

1Jo 2.15

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.


“True reason, alas! is as rare as true piety.”

– John Fletcher /Works III/


You love “Ball” – footBall, soccor, basketBall, golf, baseBall, tennis, softBall, bowling, volleyBall, rugby, etc. Truth-be-known, you’re addicted: you’ll miss sleep, miss meals with family, miss church, maybe miss work to watch (TV/in person) 1 or more of these.  You may not smoke/drink/do drugs (& condemn those who do) but you’re addicted.  True, “Ball” is not as harmful as tobacco & ilk but – – – is it good that you’re addicted to it? Must have it or you’re Not happy?  Think about it Friend. – 10/24/19


“…Before the Supreme Being, nothing can appear more detestable than

 the pride of a degenerate & ungrateful creature.”

– John Fletcher /Works III/



A cedar against a pink-lavender sky,

In the space between the neighboring oaks,

The silhouetted bird flies by,

The crickets sing an evening song,

A lowly cow lows, the day is closed

While along the horizon

The pink fades and goes

Sights and sounds the heart and mind

Senses but lets them slip.

A day is closing as others closed,

Slowly slips beyond our grip,

The pink has departed

Now the trees stand dark and still

Black trees on a gray-blue sky,

As tree frogs “che che” at will.

– eab, Oct. ‘75


“Already the high priests, prayers & temples of the universal cult are with us. Curriculums are being drafted to indoctrinate our children in… ‘The Church of all People’ the 1st step…”

– Dave Hunt


You found your first gray hair & are Aghast. What to do? As father of 4 middle-aged children, as Gramp to 18 (+ those who’ve married in) allow 2 suggestions:

1.) Pull it out (JK), but if you do, “frame” it; it’s the proto-type of many more to come.

2.) Seriously, don’t start dyeing. Why? A.) You’ll be locked-into that Expense & Bother for as long as you live, or B.) The day’ll come when you decide to go natural, you’ll suffer the embarrassment of “gray roots” for months & people will then know you were trying to fool them (& fool yourself) all the time. – 10/24/19


Act 16.16

“…As we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us,

 which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:”


halloween is a devilish day. Has it purposefully been “pushed” to cover over the REALLY important event of Oct. 31? (It very possible has.)  On 10/31/1517 Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses. That was a huge step forward for the much needed Reformation. Luther did not start the Reformation but was The Key Man of his day. There are those who want us to forget the Best October 31 of all time. – 10/25/19


“…paganism survived…in the form of ancient rites & customs condoned…by an often indulgent Church…Statues of Isis & Horus were renamed Mary & Jesus.”

– Will Durant, quoted by Dave Hunt

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