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Jam 3.16 +

Jam 3.16

“For where envying and strife is,

there is confusion and every evil work.


“Perfect Christians need as much the virtue of Christ’s blood to prevent the guilt & pollution of sin from returning, as imperfect Christians want it to drive that guilt & pollution away.”

– John Fletcher /Works II/


Years ago I saw a couple who’d gotten confused about which day to Not work (the 7th day or 1st Day) & (as I understood) “kept” both days. If you’re confused about what Day to worship, Or about speaking in tongues, Or about which Bible to read, Or about whither to divorce & remarry. Stop. Take time to Read your Bible with an open heart & mind. God will lead you. – 10/22/19


…all Christian believers are who either stand in it or press after it.

And if they do neither we are ready to prove that they rank among fallen believers…”

– John Fletcher /Works III/



The soul is now preparing for its firm and final flight;

To plunge, to fall, to slip into the endless realm of night,

Or to soar, to climb, to lift, into the glorious light.

That soul, my Friend, is yours.

To choose is a God-given “right.”

Forsake sin, choose Christ

Who’ll make heaven a constant delight.

Flee the devil’s coming doom,

Where flame and fear both affright.

The Blood at Calvary spilt,

Has not lost it bright, mighty might.

– eab, 10/29/06


“How many pastors, preachers, authors, & Christian Leaders have phony doctorates in front of their names. They would never been tempted by such vanity had they kept an eternal perspective.”

– Dave Hunt


Many a sinner, in a pinch, has cried out, “Lord, help me” (or similar words). Many a formal christian has “prayed” over his “beans & tators.”  Many prayers (some even read) have been heard at weddings/funerals. Few (if-any) of these touch God’s heart.  But, praise God “…The prayer of the upright is his delight” (Pro 15.8). – 10/28/19


1Th 5.8

“But let us, who are of the day, be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith & love;

& for an helmet, the hope of salvation.”


If you knew you’d die before sunrise, what – – – WHAT would you do today? What phone call would you make? Whose door bell would you ring? Would you need to go to the police station before you die?  Do those  Today, Friend, Do those Today. – 10/28/19


“Luther…wrote, ‘In the beginning I devoured Augustine, but when…I knew what justification by faith really was, then it was out with him.’”

– Dave Hunt

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