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2Sa 22.50 +

2Sa 22.50

“Therefore I will give THANKS unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen,

& I will sing praises unto thy name.


“…What is holiness but the reverse of sin?”

– John Fletcher /Works II/


There are sensible sinners who have all their adults lives lived simply (David Thoreau comes to mind). One can get sidetracked living simply but many more, repeat, many more are bogged down racing after “the American dream.” As a Follower of Christ, be moving toward a simple life. Have fewer not several; need less, not more. – 10/28/19


“Error is never more dangerous

 when it looks a little like truth.”

– John Fletcher /Works II/



He may have been chained as a galley slave [1]

With no hope it seemed, but beyond the grave

But his mind was free, yes free to soar

Above the splash and pull of the oar.


She may have had to mill the king’s flour

Be thus employed hour on slave hour.

But it was not so with her good mind

It sailed in realms above the low grind.


The gracious God of all time and of space,

Has so created His scattered “manly race”

That though enslaved; the lowest of men,

The body’s all that can ascend.


Two parts of man, the greater, greater by far,

Have boundless spheres, ah, past the near star,

And can delve and travel and explore

Beyond ceiling, walls, or swaying floor


The mind (Should we also call it soul?)

Can’t be bound by fetter, chain, nor pole

If this soul/mind is redeemed by God

It has a home far above greening sod.


Only sin can the mind of man enslave;

(Sin can make a coward of the brave).

Sin’s habits and thoughts, and words, embind.

Only sin can fetter a man’s mind.


Oh, what a Salvation, oh, Godly gift,

Freeing the mind, allowing a daily “lift”

Above grinds and galleys of man’s strife;

Salvation un-enslaves the “mind-life.” – eab, 11/1/06


“…Christians are using the ways…of the world rather than adhering to God’s Word.”

– T A McMahon


You’ve read it maybe, “If you were marooned on island & could just have one book…” HOLD ON – – – saints are headed where there will be One Book: “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away” (Mat 13.31). – 10/29/19


Jam 2.8

“If ye fulfill the royal law according to the scripture,

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well:”


To God be the glory. Seriously. I started a new BRC 11/5/18. At some point a few weeks ago I saw (if I hurried) I might be able to read the OT thru once & the NT twice in a yr’s time. Last night (9:45) I finished doing that. Never read this much Bible in a yr – maybe you have? There’s a profit in reading a Book in a day – Please set aside the time to try it. It will probably take less time than you think. – 11/1/19


“Marketing & entertainment have risen to the top of…

‘How to make Christianity Convenient & Popular.’”

– T A McMahon

[1] Had recently re-read about John Knox being a galley slave.

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