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1Ch 16.34 +

Nov 3 – 1Ch 16.34

O give THANKS unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.


“…If you did not receive the witness of the Spirit that you are born again

you have nothing but a negative religion.”

– R G Flexon


Though life is nearly impossible to define, we know somethings prove a plant/animal is alive. It moves, grows, reproduces, responses to stimuli, assimilates materials, & dies. The first five may last only hours or as long as centuries (Galapagos turtle) or millennia (Bristle Cone Pine). But the last (death) is everlasting. No plant or animal re-lives. Only man has existence beyond the grave. Glorious & indescribable Above – or horrible, indescribable torment below. “…Prepare to meet thy God…”(Amo 4.12) – 11/3/19


“It [old time salvation] is the most excitable thing that I have ever had in all my life.”

– R G Flexon



There are men of phenomenal wealth,

Some gained honestly, others by stealth

Men who can buy and sell a whole town.

Their fortune seems to have never turned down.

If we don’t watch we can envy such “blokes”

As more “lucky” than the rest of us folks.


Money is just a means to an end.

It can’t make a “home,” or a marriage mend.

We place too great an imagined “high”

On money, gold, and what silver can buy.

Blinded by dollar $ign$ we fail to see,

In wealth they’re no richer than you and me.


Time, dear friend, is the truest treasure.

The rich and poor receive the same measure.

Each start their day with a fresh supply

Of hours which drag or go flying by,

“Money Bags” has no more time in his day.

Than the poor; close, or a continent away.


Each of us should value time; make it count.

No one has more – no one a less amount.

Time may yield you marriage, happiness, a wife;

Money can’t even buy a slight sliver of life.

God has given “today” – use it wisely, every hour.

Time, not money, has true-value power. – eab, 11/3/06


“…The coming worldwide religion of the antichrist is rooted in & will establish itself as mysticism…”

– T A McMahon


Dear preacher Friends – Preach death, Heaven, & hell. Every person in your congregation is headed toward a grave. In some 100 yrs every person you preach to will change worlds. I encourage you to emphasis certain death & not emphasis the an imminent Return of Christ. As an observer & participant in the Holiness Movement for over 7 decades I’m afraid I’ve see the Second Coming used to fill the altar. Christ is going to come! Truth-Be-Known you (nor anyone else) KNOWS if His coming will be in our life-time. We do know death will be at the end of our life-time. Preach death, Heaven, & hell. – 11/3/19


Dan 2.44

“…The God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed…it shall break in pieces & consume all these kingdoms & it shall stand for ever.”


Daniel tells of 4 kingdoms. Gold=Babylon (“…Thou art this head of gold” 2.38),[1] Silver=Mede-Persian; many, many people are agreed on these two. Some see Brass=Greeks & Iron=Rome. Others see Brass= Greco-Roman & Iron as what followed heathen Rome i.e. different secular/religious powers in the two legs: one “christian,” one moslem with the “toes/feet” a mix of so-called democracy. Whether we agree on the 1st or 2nd opinion, all 4 kingdoms (the entire image) are destroyed by Christ, the Stone. God will WIN! – 11/3/19


“The claim of the Bible is that it is absolutely sufficient &

will not tolerate any additions or subtractions from mankind.”

– T A McMahon

[1] One of the clearest prophetic statements in the Bible.

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