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Ezr 3.11 +

Nov 5 – Ezr 3.11 And they sang together by course in praising and giving THANKS unto the LORD; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever…all the people shouted with a great shout, when they praised the Lord…


“You can’t please the people & please God.

You can’t please carnality & please God.”

– C B Fugett


Thanksgiving is one of the most (if not THE most) authentic Holidays. All of us owe our Maker Thanks for so many things – counted & left un-counted. I wish we could leave “Christmas” alone until we truly & fully celebrate with family & friends, God’s bountiful blessings. And, until we do a better job of letting the Heavenly Father know that we Love Him, Adore Him as well as His wonderful benefits. Be Grateful, Friend. Be truly Grateful. Christians should make much of Thanksgiving! – 11/5/19


“Every sanctified person on earth is ready to give up his job if it is God’s will.

No man who has the Holy Ghost is seeking a job or an office.”

– C B Fugett



O, What a privilege to walk with the Savior,

Daily to follow His love and His will,

Knowing, whene’er trials do beset me,

Gold must be purified – He loves me still. – eab, Nov. ‘72


“Scripture will not be understood nor sound doctrine valued & defended

as long as self has not been denied in surrender to the will of God.”

– Dave Hunt


Jesus is going to return to earth. That is a fact. (I’d die before I’d deny He is coming.) No man knows WHEN Christ returns. That is a fact. A satanic man (antichrist) also is coming. That is a fact. Multitudes of Christians have been taught Christ will come before the antichrist. That is not a fact – it’s a theory. If the antichrist comes first some will join his devilish system, fooled (I’m afraid) into thinking he’s our Lord when he’s the antichrist, the opposite. Read Daniel. Read Zechariah. Read Revelation. Read writers who wrote before this theory was popularized by Schofield, some Calvinists, & others. – 11/5/19


Mat 24.36

“But of that day & hour knoweth no man, no,

not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”


Some people want to be known – want worldly fame. They work hard at a sport or discipline their mind etc. They lose money, ruin their health, even lose virginity in an attempt to reach the top. They get fame (or it alludes them) & they die. In hell **I theorize** they’re totally unknown. They lost their soul for a bubble of notoriety & in eternity are forgotten. No soul in hell cares about them. All are suffering too many torments. Unknown – Unknown – Unkno___  for ever! – 11/5/19


“Atheists cling to evolution as an escape from accountability to God.”

– Dave Hunt

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