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Psa 6.5 +

Nov 6 – Psa 6.5 For in death there is no remembrance of thee:

in the grave who shall give thee THANKS?



14 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

Psa 119.69 The PROUD have forged a lie against me: but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart.


“…It is a dangerous age, an age of apostasy, an age of drift. Water seeks it level…

It is so easy for God’s people to come down on the level with the world.”

– H Robb French


Long Post – Singing from a hymnal allows you to:

1.) See who wrote the words (on left)

2.) See who wrote the music (on right)

3.) Scan whole verse seeing its rhyme scheme

4.) Look back & search what a precious verse said

5.) See the flow of theology from verse to verse

6.) See date the song was penned

7.) See DOB – DOD of the poet or composer

8.) See indexes (authors/composer) of what else they wrote

9.) See the timing & key in which song was written

10.) And J you can put hymnal between pew & your back for posture. -11/6/19


HEATHER – in honor of her birthday

Heather Colwell Bryan’s the name.

If that seems odd, Dad and Mom are to blame.

Heather is some kind of wild flower, I guess,

To be a botanist, you see, I don’t profess,

But that’s what they call me just the same.


Colwell I know a bit more about;

Pop’s Mom was one, that much I’ve found out.

Good people. Those Colwells,

Though some I’ve not met,

The girls changed their name (Uncle John hasn’t yet.)

Believe I’ll keep mine for all of life’s route.


My last name’s just like William Jennings Bryan.

(All three would be, if I’d been a boy – no lyin’.)

So there you have it, my names complete,

Until at the altar (D.V.) my husband I meet.

And that’s too far away now for sighin’ and cryin’.

Tweet, tweet.

– eab, 1975


“…We can have our heart so full of divine love that there will be not room

for un-forgiveness or bitterness.”

– H Robb French


The devil would like for us to be so disgusted with the abortionists (they are dead wrong). Totally put out with socialists (USA is more socialistic *now* than I like). And so aggravated with the weirdoes pushing the more-than-two-gender stupidity, until we forget they (though sinfully mistaken) have souls. Do you pray for such? We need to oppose their dumb-headedness yet have a compassion that would allow us to witness of Christ to them. Amen? Ouch? 11/6/19


Mat 5.44

“…Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you,

& pray for them which despitefully use you & persecute you;”


“When a man does not want holiness I know he wants sin.”

– C W Ruth, /Bible Readings/


Does saying “Thank You” come easy to you? (Be honest.) Hopefully you were trained by parents to say it. If not, you can train yourself & should. “Thank You” should never be rote, i.e. said without meaning it, but it should come almost automatic. This is true with people – but how much more with our Heavenly Father! Thank Him when you awaken. Thank Him when you eat meals. Thank Him when you return safely from a trip. I encourage you to develop a thankful attitude both horizontally & Vertically. – 11/6/19


“They [the world] say ‘We go to the theatre, play cards…go to football games, horse races etc. etc. and so do your church members’”

– C W Ruth, /Bible Readings/

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