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Psa 18.49 +

Nov 7 – Psa 18.49

“Therefore will I give THANKS unto thee, O LORD, among the heathen

& sing praises unto thy name.


“The heavenly Bridegroom is wooing a wife,

not hiring a servant.”

– V O Agan, 7/10/89


Some readers are poorer. We should not be remembered by neighbors or family as feeling sorry for ourselves. (Abraham Lincoln is said to have said, “God must have loved poor people, He made a lot of them.”)

Some readers are richer. You shouldn’t be remembered by neighbors/family as flaunting your wealth. Enjoy some extra “perks” but don’t forget to give extra to special offerings at church, support missions extra, & have a savings into which you can dip if/when family or friends need a hand.

P.S. I do not envy you nor does any sanctified soul. -11/7/19


“…Jesus taught that the chief purpose of coming as not to make bad men good

but to solve the sin question – to make dead men live.”

– V O Agan, ’55 Conf. Message



How “lonely” the tree would be

Without the bird, flying from vee to vee

Within the tree upon the hill

Enjoying their happy trill.

Birds give a tree, “company.” – eab, 11/7/11


“For 1000 yrs before Luther, Europe saw persecutions, burnings, & drownings of Evangelical Christians who had never been catholics & were not called Protestants.”

– Dave Hunt


Dear follower of Jesus Christ. Be conspicuous for a Christ-like spirit in your life. Loving, where love is needed, rebuking, where a rebuke is required, forgiving – as He did those who had just nailed Him to the cross. A high standard? Absolutely. But as a child of the King we should be happy, yea delighted to act royally. May God help US all. – 11/7/19


Luk 23.34

“Then said Jesus, ‘Father, forgive them;

for they know not what they do…’”


Missionaries do not always “need” a vehicle on the field. If they’re ministering in a city (that’s probably where Paul would’ve gone & that’s where the airport is) public transportation may suffice &, in fact, may be wiser. Non-car owning missionaries can save expenses on: New tires, Insurance, License plates, Parking fees, Tune-ups, Gas/diesel. This says nothing about initial costs & depreciation. I know, I know, it’s soooo American to want a car but – – – you may need to “die out” to being an American. Ouch? 11/7/19


“…The connection between ‘eagle spirits’ shamans, & today’s neo-prophetic seers

is un-mistakable. This is the New Spiritality.”

– Mark Dinsmore

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