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Psa 92.1 +

Nov 14 – Psa 92.1 It is a good thing to give THANKS unto the Lord & to sing praises unto thy name, O most High


CALLED – B. 3.) Find a time of day when you can get alone with God. You may have to experiment: try one time, try another. God will be patient, He, King of kings, wants you Two to have a regular, daily prayer meeting. 4.) Allow this time to be unrushed. Give God a half hour, let that build to 45 min, to an hour. If your time is in mid – night, don’t look at clock when arising or when going back to bed. – 11/13/19


CALLED – B-con’t. 5.) “What in the World would I pray about that long?” You are close – pray to be kept from the World, pray for your friends to be saved from the World, pray for those you sense are returning to the World. (This isn’t gossiping – we never gossip when we talk to God.) 6.) Start with Adoring Him – end by Praising Him & in between, along with petitions, allow God to speak to your needs & deep desires. – 11/13/19 [Lord willing, more CALLED to come.]


“They [God & the devil] both await either a coronation or a crucifixion.

Whom you do not crown must be crucified.”

– Samuel Chadwick


Good Ground

Some sower’s seed fell on the road,

Or in bad land briefly abode,

Among thorns other was found,

But thankfully some found ground

And multiplied – a wagon load. Mat 13 – eab, Nov. 2005


“Whatever destroys the home

is the deadliest enemy of the nation.”

– Samuel Chadwick


Time was when nearly every man: pastor, song leader, evangelists upon mounting the platform knelt – signifying his need of God to help in his part of the service. Why did we stop this?

Time was when nearly every saint as he/she entered the pew knelt or bowed the head – asking God to come to that service. What happened to that good practice?

Think about it, Friend & perhaps mend your ways. If you do, others may also. – 11/14/19


Mat 23.27

“Woe unto you, scribes & Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead [men’s] bones…


“The very essence of sin is pride…”

– George Shaw


My dear brother, dear sister, does music have such a hold that you “have to hear” such-n-such songs though sung by Mormons or tongues group or some who claim salvation but are be-jeweled, her with short hair & she wears pants? It may be a great song but can you not find it recorded by someone who lives clean & pure? If the “vessel” (person) singing an old hymn is holy it’ll mean so much more! And you won’t be supporting a worldly group with time or money. Please re-consider your singing choices. -11/14/19


“Antagonism to holy living comes from unregenerate people

& never from the regenerate.”

– George Shaw

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