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Psa 106.47 +

Nov 19 – Psa 106.47 Save us, O LORD our God & gather us from among the heathen,

to give THANKS unto thy holy name & to triumph in thy praise.


“Some one has said that if two angels were sent to earth, one of whom was to rule it & the other to sweep street crossings, that the sweeper would be so satisfied with his Heavenly Father’s will that he would not exchange places with the ruler.”

– from book by Samuel Brengle


CALLED – C. 9.) Begin to read as never before. Read evangelical classics i.e. books which have proved their worth from centuries ago & Reformation forward. (Everything but God’s Word should be read with a willingness to “select meat & spit out bones.”) 10.) Read holiness classics, i.e. volumes produced by early Methodists & “daughter” churches which came out of her. Ask God for discernment even with holiness men (they weren’t inspired as the NT) but also read asking the Lord to help you see truths new to you. – 11/13/19 [Lord willing, more CALLED to come.]


“Holiness is not a state in which there is no further development

…the finite can never exhaust the infinite…”

– Samuel Logan Brengle



Had Jesus failed He would not have been nailed,

To the tree on Calvary’s brow.

He was nailed; & though others thought He failed.

He was triumphant then and now!

Will your self-life cease its self-strife?

Be willing to start to bow?

Will your strong strife lose its stubborn life?

The Spirit will show you how! – eab, Nov. ‘05


“A sermon is no sermon

in which I can not hear the heart beat.”

– Longfellow, quoted by George Shaw


Some people seem to enjoy when men practice & practice & move in precision. Or when women learn to dance & move (on stage/on ice) in exact unison. These are absolutely earthy! Such animal movement will stay on earth. What we need is to be redeemed & so in unison with Holy Spirit that we can move with Him, doing exactly as He leads (doing it all without human “practice”) & speaking/acting for God’s eternal glory! “O, Lord let us move as You move.” – 11/13/19


Mat 23.9

“And call no man your father upon the earth:

for one is your Father, which is in heaven.”


Be alert. If you feel you lack discernment, ask the Father for some. Particularly I refer to quotes being posted by “holiness” men. (Sadly, some associated with “holiness” churches/schools/missions fail to be holiness preachers.) When you see quote Please, do not hit “like” if you don’t recognize the person being quoted. Without leaving fb you can search him. Did it the last 24. The guy quoted was roman catholic. The catholics do not honor Christ, revere Mary, call mere men “father” etc. Don’t quote them. – 11/19/19


“Nothing is more vital to Christianity

than the doctrine of the Divinity of Christ.”

– George Shaw

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