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Psa 107.1 +

Nov 21 – Psa 107.1 O give THANKS unto the LORD, for he is good:

for his mercy endureth for ever.


“…He must have a definite, constant, joyful experience of God’s salvation

in order to save others.”

– Samuel L Brengle


Some should pray about going on a MUSIC fast (refrain from it). Your car CD player is running most of the time the engine is. Your play list has too much secular or “christian” rock/swing/pop on it. Modern songs aren’t all wrong (God has given eab several words/tunes in the last 50 yrs) but many are as shallow kiddy “pools.” Would you be willing to FAST music for the next two weeks or month? For Jesus? And – – – for the sake of drawing your soul closer to Him? – 11/18/19


“Joy can, & should be, cultivated, just as faith or any other fruit of the Spirit is cultivated

. . . Joy will convict sinners.”

– Samuel L Brengle



Those of you writing fake “News” that’s not quite true.

There’s a God above Who’s displeased with the lot of you

He knows that you have lied And – – – if you don’t decide

To confess (& that with speed) & to His Bible take true heed

In hell, you’ll have to reside. – eab, 11/21/19


“Judgment awaits us,

 judgment or revival…”

– Oswald J Smith


Why, ministerial brothers, do you try to be funny? Are you not getting new truths out of the Bible? Are you not seeing God (as you take your day off & hunt, fish, hike) in nature? Are you not reading an evangelical classic from 16th – 18th century or a holiness classic from 19th or 20th century? Why do you Want to be funny? (Thank God it’s a clean cartoon/joke/pun but, truth-be-known it’s shallow.) Better to not post (IMO) – – – as to be a preacher attempting humor. – 11/19/19


Heb 3.7-8a

“Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice,

“Harden not your hearts…”


*Appreciate solid i.e. truthful History (when it can separated from indoctrination) but don’t try to live in the past.

*Anticipate the Biblical Future, firmly dividing it from hollywood/disney/sci-fi “future” but don’t rush to it.

*Adventure into this day. Live this day: enjoy reading your Bible (spiritual food) & thank God for physical food. Be enthralled by God’s creation. Love your companionship or a child, adult, or a chance meeting with a stranger today. Live this day – ALL day long. – 11/18/19


“The Refiner is never far from the mouth of the furnace

 when His gold is in the fire.”

– Charles Spurgeon

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