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Psa 118.1 +

Nov 22 – Psa 118.1 O give THANKS unto the LORD;

for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.


19 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

Psa 124.5 Then the PROUD waters had gone over our soul.


“It is easier to be a fanatic than a faithful soul because

there is something amazingly humbling…in being loyal to God.”

– Oswald Chambers



You’ve been bothered for a long time

By memories of a pre-teen/teenage crime.

You can confess it & on Christ believe.

A clean life you can TODAY receive.

O, be rid of satan, guilt, & sin’s cold slime. – eab, 11/20/19


“There is a passion for souls that does not spring from God

but from the desire to make converts to our point of view.”

– Oswald Chambers


ANY ONE wanting to contact me please use “messages” (2nd button right of “create”) on fb.

I do not open forwards, attachments, GIFs (find most of them childish) videos, nor messenger.

Your “please forward” stuff will not be forwarded. This is not meant in any way hard. I’m informing you. 11/22/19


Rev 21.23

“And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it:

for the glory of God did lighten it & the Lamb is the light thereof.”


“Learn to say ‘No.’

It will be of more use to you than to be able to read Latin.”

– Charles Spurgeon


CALLED – D 11.) Nearly as soon as you (young man called to preach) let it be known that God wants you to preach you’ll hear, “A call to preach is a call to prepare” said perhaps in a sanctimonious way. Listen without saying a word or say as few words as possible. The statement itself is right, but the thinking is often prepare means Bible college. Some have benefited from a Bible school. But some of God’s best men have been schooled by the Blessed Holy Ghost. Do not be awed, to not be “shamed” into going to any of men’s schools. Be ready to prepare – One-on-one with God. He will lead you. – 11/19/19


“It would be terrible to believe in a future state.”

– Leo X, quoted by H. Taine, /History Eng.Lit./

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