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Pro 2.2 +

Pro 2.2

“So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, &

apply thine heart to understanding;”


22 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

Pro 6.17 [God hates ]A PROUD look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,


“When in the pulpit, be always solemn, say nothing to make your congregation laugh…

You are speaking for eternity…trifling is inconsistent with such…

– Adam Clarke


CELEBRATE HIM (1991 Bryan card)

God’s Holy Word has revealed

The Redeemer; joyous revelation!

But, has equally concealed,

WHEN, He reached this earthly destination.


Bethlehem – the town is known,

With hill country of Judah all around;

WHERE the Divine Seed was sown,

But the When of His birth cannot be found.


The Lion of Judah’s tribe,

Prince of Peace, Lily of the valley too,

Messiah, King; these describe

Not the day, or the month, but the Pure WHO.


He came to be one with man.

The God-Man died as only sinners die.

Salvation was His whole plan.

Once again, that’s not the date but the WHY.


Every Gospel tells just HOW

His sinless, exemplary, life was all done,

Before the thorns crushed His brow.

But the month and day is made plain by none!


There is no doubt that He came,

Was born of a virgin, lead the twelve men,

Forgave sins and healed the lame;

But has the church over-emphasized WHEN?


Celebrate! Celebrate Him!

The Gift Divine! Greatest in every way.

Throw off worldly custom’s whim.

Celebrate Him! Not the day. – eab, Nov. 1991


“…the grand tempter is not permitted to touch the heart, the seat of the affections;

nor to do even the slightest violence to the will.”

– Adam Clarke


LONG UPDATE. On Nov 25 I trimmed the tops (several big-as-my-wrist branches) off of one tree & almost all of the 2nd one east of our raised-beds gardens before I fell. Was cutting one I thought might come down & hit me. To “avoid this” I stepped hurriedly off the ladder. In retrospection I think I may I’ve thought I was on the 2nd step up, when I really was on the third. Fell flat (thank God it was not angled) onto my back knocking most (if not all) the wind out of me, knocking my cap & glasses off. I crawled over to a garden bed & use it to stand up. After going inside Martha & I returned to finish the 3 branches. (She moved & steadied ladder while I went up to cut.) Later back in the house I was in so much pain I was concerned I might have broken my back or pelvis & had her call 911. (She also called Phillip & Heather who were retuning through IN from a service & they came to help us.) The Greenfield Hospital gave me a CAT scan. Thank the Lord the above were not broken (nor any ribs). They gave me pain killer & I returned home. We’d planned to go to P/H’s on Wed.; so went early, Heather driving my car with Moma & me riding with Phillip in their car. Spent next nights with pain killers & sleeping on a wedge under my upper body. Returned yesterday (just the 2 of us) & glad to be home. Still sore but so happy that back or pelvis were not broken. God was so good to me. Praise the Lord.

Thank you P/H & family for your kindness in hosting a hurting Gramp. Thank you Mary/Abigail for your room in which to sleep. So nice to share the family devotional times at Dickinsons. The Hausman family came for Thanksgiving Dinner (as planned). They had a surprise with them: the Lucas Wilsons. So nice to see all, to see Daryl feeling some better, & to get better acquainted with Lucas. 12/2/19


Luk 2.11

“…UNTO YOU is born this day in the city of David

a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” (emphasis added)


“…Genius is the ability to become a boy again at will.”

– Bruce Barton


Was Jesus born in December? There might be one “chance” in twelve. Was He born the 25th of December? Highly – – – uh, make that very-highly unlikely. Was Jesus Born? ABSOLUTELY. Hopefully it’s not wrong to “celebrate christmas” (millions of Christians do). Allow a septuagenarian to urge you – Celebrate CHRIST, not christmas, per se. Be happy He Came. And. Comes. Again. – 12/2/19


“All achieving characters have a sublime disregard of criticism.”

– Bruce Barton

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