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Pro 7.7 +

“Pro 7.7

And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths,

a young man void of understanding,”


“…He works daily as a Prophet to enlighten you, as a Priest to make intercession for you, as a King to subdue your enemies, as a Redeemer to deliver you…& as a Saviour to help you work out your own salvation…”

– John Fletcher


There are, sadly, men who’ve pastored “holiness churches,” been part of a “holiness mission,” or were involved with “holiness schools” who did not preach a clear holiness message. Were they once Spirit filled & backslid? Were they never filled with the Holy Ghost? Why this disparity? Holiness needs to be preached & lived-out in every holiness parsonage, at home & abroad. – 12/6/19


“If man is not a free agent…God is as much the author of our actions, good or bad, as a show-man is the author of the actions of his puppets…”

– John Fletcher



Born the twenty-fifth of December?

No, one can’t prove that date.

But born He was, whatever the day,

On an hour that’s now many decades away.

And twenty-five is what we remember.

Was it twenty-two or twenty-eight?


The fact remains – He was born!

The very year is a present proof.

Nineteen Seventy-Five, seventy-five what?

Stop! Give that a second, serious thought

The very year is reckoned from that morn,

When He came forth, beyond the inn roof.


He was born! Though date and year be wrong,

And skeptics are still around.

He became Man, to live as men would,

That man may improve and live as he should.

The Christ-like ones make a huge throng.

He was born, or they wouldn’t abound. – eab, Dec.  1975


“Repentance implies a willingness to be known

& estimated according to one’s real character.”

– George   Shaw


Coincidence? “Happy-go-lucky” humans are prone to accept events (or event “chains”) as mere coincidence. Serious minded people (with an idea of satan’s power) can make too much of conspiracies. Somewhere between these extremes (if that’s what they are) is a place for Christ’s followers to weigh words, actions, myths, histories (true & false) which surround us. Not all conspiracies are right. But more may have validity than many suppose. Keep close to Jesus – He can/will guide us. – 12/6/19


1Jo 4.1

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”


Do not worship your Christmas Tree. I doubt you do, but it may have too prominent a place in your home or heart. (I like the smell & sight of evergreen in the house & as far as I can see, it is no different than having fall leaves or spring flowers inside.) The important “tree” of Christ was the one on which He hung. We do not worship the cross either, but the One who died there, rose again & ever lives on high. – 12/7/19


“No church can be under the guidance of the Spirit

which fears to offend the world.”

– George   Shaw

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