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Pro 11.11 +

Pro 11.11

“By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted:

but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.”


“…Our Lord never required absolute perfection from archangels

much less from fallen man.”

– John Fletcher


Someway (not sure I understand why) humans are fascinated by artsy objects which took hours/days/even yrs to make or build & which have no, Absolutely No, practical use. I suppose we’re snagged on the idea that one human spent that much time on froth. Pardon me – but we shouldn’t be.  Use your time wisely – even as a responsible adult. Use your time even more wisely as men & women of God & who will give an account to Him of the deeds done in the flesh. – 12/6/19


“…Every clergyman is not a candidate for a bishopric,

but every man is a candidate for heaven.”

– John Fletcher



Is it just Christmas, again,

In a world of war and sin?

Another year of tinsel and paper;

Of glamorous gifts, paid for later,

Of loveless homes and empty lives,

And husbands separate from their wives?

Another day, the same as last,

The only difference, a year has past?


No, this year can be,

A joyous Christian reality.

A year when Christ is personal,

Yes, more than an year, eternal;

The Lord of your life, and heart

If not now, then now start.

– eab,1967 [Bryan’s 3rd Christmas Card]


“What are you so greedily reading grandpa?” said a child to a Bible-studying saint

of four score yrs intently reading the word of God, “News…”

– Daniel Steele, S.T.D. /Gospel of t Comforter/


There’s never been a better time for YOU to become a follower of Jesus Christ. No, not just an occasional attendee at a nominal “christian” church. No, not a church member, although being in a Bible-believing church can help. Please Sir, Ma’am, become a follower of the Lord. You & I could be called upon to stand, unequivocally stand in this life. We all will need to be in right standing with Him at the point of death.

– 12/9/19


Mat 19.4

“And he answered & said unto them, ‘Have ye not read,

that he which made them at the beginning made them male & female.’ ”


Once a man were happy for his girlfriend, fiancé, & then wife to be as feminine as she could be. And she was pleased to be his full-fledged lady. What happened? Magazines, sales catalogues, movies, TV, etc. started portraying women with shorter hair. (This is not new, my dad’s mother had a mannish haircut 70 yrs ago but cutting has gotten worse.) Many men still prefer a lady to have longer (if not uncut) hair but some women, sadly, want to please themselves instead of their man. – 12/11/19


“Faith…is the only door through which God

comes into the human soul.”

– – Daniel Steele, S.T.D. /Gospel of t Comforter/

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