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Pro 23.23 +

Pro 23.23

“Buy the truth, & sell it not; also wisdom,

& instruction, & understanding.”


REPEATED – If you know someone who (far as you know) has no family who’ll be with them for the Special Days, you might consider including them in apart of your Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or New Years Eve, New Years Day dinner/supper/social-snack time. “But it might ruin OUR family time.” Or, friend, it might make a memory you’d cherish for years. Please pray about giving time, giving a place at your table, giving THEM a brighter spot than they would’ve had otherwise. – 12/19/19


 “Wife, tell the people that F M Graham is now lingering right on the borderline. I can look out there & see into eternity…it takes entire sanctification to prepare you for an hour like this.”

– quoted by H Robb French


Perhaps you remember a special gift from childhood; a real memory maker! Or, maybe you recall a greater gift later in life – one you’ll never forget. You & I may know each other well but both of the above may be unknown to me. If, however, you’re a Christian, I know what your Greatest Gift was because I have Him too. Christmas is a time to Thank God for His Wonderful Gift TO ALL WHO BELIEVE – His Son. – 12/22/19


“…If we walk in the light of justification it will not be long

until the Blessed Holy Spirit will lead us to the light of full salvation.”

– H Robb French


FAITHFUL TO DUTY (16th card)

If shepherds hadn’t been watching their charge,

As all good shepherds do.

If they hadn’t been dutifully faithful.

In spite of damp and dew.

If men of sheep hadn’t sheep-minded been

The long winter night through,

They’d have missed that chorus grandly suspended,

Announcing centuries of prophecy ended,

In notes and quality, in minors and ranges, so large –

Masterfully blended.


If wise men hadn’t been looking upward,

As wise men want to do.

If ancient scholars hadn’t known the sky

And humbly knew, they knew.

If star-spangled men hadn’t known their “flag,”

The night that star first flew,

They’d have missed the invitation of all earth,

To rejoice in the King of Creation’s birth;

The astronomical discovery worthy of reward –

Announcing Royal worth. – eab, Dec  1980


“A worthy leader knows how to listen…The leader also should enjoy every minute. In a high sense, being happy is the minister’s chief business here below…”

– Andrew W Blackwood


Second only to Scripture is the power of saintly songs. (The second best book you can own, after the Holy Bible, is a quality old hymnal.) Do you sing to yourself as you drive tractor, truck, car? As you work? Do you whistle hymns? Though the Lord has given me over 2 score songs/choruses, I still need to warn you, too much of modern “christian music” is chaff. Please do not get caught up in catchy tunes or fast melodies. If the words do not have Meat, if the words are not Scriptural, it’s chaff. -12/23/19


Col 3.16

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching & admonishing one another

in psalms & hymns & spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.”


*Now Here This, Now Here This.*

From time to time I have posted positively about the KJV & gotten static from a fb friend. Please do not oppose the AV on THIS page. I post about the Great Classic English Bible because that is exactly what I see It as. If you want to post about some modern “translation” please do so on your page (I will, in all probability, pass it by without comment). If you are a KJV reader, please know you have chosen (IMO) the Bible with more English readers in heaven than any other. Happy Holy Reading. 12/23/19


“for Bulletin, ‘It will help the minister in his preaching if the members of the congregation will read the Gospel of Mark at Family Altar & in private devotions…’”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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