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Pro 29.27 +

Pro 29.27 (no v. 29)

“An unjust man is an abomination to the just: &

he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.”


 “We should so work as if we were saved by our works

& so rely on Jesus Christ, as if we did no works.”

– Francis               Asbury


Christians are never cruel to their fellow “christians” whether they agree or disagree in theology.

Christians are not cruel to the enemies of christianity (if they have the upper-hand in their culture) or carnally resentful (if their enemies have the upper-hand). – 12/27/19


“You can fix up the barn & it will pay for the house but

if you fix up the house, you won’t have money to fix up the barn.”

– Clyde D Bryan (my dad, 2/5/1904-12/24/1976)


young as you’ll be

This thing called age

Has reached a new stage,

I’m older than I ever used to be;

Why – – – I’ve never been this old before!

Smile not with superiority,

At what’s happen’ to me;

You can’t either keep time outside /your/ door

You’re now as young as you’ll ever be. – eab, 12/29/16


“…Wealth lessens rather than increases human happiness.

Millionaires who laugh are rare.”

– Andrew Carnegie


Many yrs ago I taught biology. There are 6 things about living things: they move, grow, respond to stimuli, assimilate materials, they reproduce & they die. Though humans are on a much higher level than plants or any animal (“evilution” is a lie) we share these 6 characteristics including death. You & I, Friend are headed to death. Are you prepared to die? If you are, you can work for Christ & enjoy life in the meantime. Until you are ready to die, neither wealth nor health satisfy: Never have, Never will. 12/27/19


Deu 9.24

“Ye have been rebellious against the LORD from the day that I knew you.”


Too many souls, Far too many, revel in being a Rebel. (Having pastored & taught south of the Mason-Dixon Line a number of yrs, I recognize “rebel” is almost a sacred word.) Rebel – its 1st Biblical occurrence is “Only rebel not ye against the Lord…”(Num 14.9) & its last is “…They assemble themselves for corn & wine & they rebel against me”(Hos 7.14). Here, as with some other areas, we must try to separate from the culture surrounding us & live the Biblical life. – 12/28/19


“These two lads are figures, Passion of the men of this world,

& Patience of the men of that which is to come.”

– John Bunyan

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