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Pro 30.30 +

Pro 30.30 A lion which is strongest among beasts

& turneth not away for any;”


33 of 47 “…Give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken”(Jer 13.15)

* Jer 13.15 Hear ye, and give ear; be not PROUD: for the LORD hath spoken. *


One of the characteristics of all Christians is that they THINK. (Agreed, some more, some less J.) Thinking is what separates mere church attendees from true followers of Christ. Worldly church attendees are not doing much long-range thinking. Christians have taken a look at Eternity, thought things through, & decided, by God’s grace, to go straight. – 1/19/19


“No, my sinner friend, there is no such things as company in Hell.

The other fellow is too busy with his own suffering to comfort you.”

– J Wesley Adcock



December’s woods are cool woods.

Woods are never cold –

Cold is impersonal.

Woods have nature’s mold.

December’s woods are gray woods;

Gray – or are they brown?

Perhaps somewhere in between

The true hue can be found.

December’s woods are straight woods,

Bare and tall and straight.

Like the masts of sail boats,

Resting at harbor’s gate.

December’s woods are wet woods.

Whither snow or sleet or rain,

They paint the trees darker shades,

Until sun blesses them again.

December’s woods are quiet woods,

Calm, tranquil, serene.

Palmates & pinnates rustle no more.

The twigs are all clean.

– eab, 12/30/77


“Who is it that loves God &

does not wish to love Him with all the heart.”

– V O Agan


A new convert speaks of feeling “light” & as he walks with God that “light” feeling remains. Sinners, by contrast feel heavy. This lightness can grow & grow until the saint Rises at the end, Rises up to heaven. The heaviness the sinner senses, grows to a greater weight, & at the end of a sinful life will act as a weight to pull him down to hell. (Stated somewhat tongue-n-cheek but may have more truth to it than first appears.)   1/19/19


Rev 22.21

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”


“Opinions above holiness are just as dangerous

& inevitably false as opinions below it.”

– Jesse T Peck


In the spring of the 7th grade the Lord redeemed me. Not long afterwards I started “Amening” the preacher. (People may have seen it odd that a 13-14 yr old was saying “Amen” but we had more “Amens” L back then.) Many years later a student (I had no idea he were watching) observed that I didn’t say “Amen” to everything.   No. Nor should you; “Amen” truth but with discretion. Think about it before you assent verbally or with a raised hand. 1/20/19


“Purity of heart” said the Puritans,

“is to have all the wheels of the soul turning the same direction.”

– Richard Taylor

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