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Pro 31.31 +

Pro 31.31

“Give her of the fruit of her hands; &

let her own works praise her in the gates.”


 “Spirit-filled hearts are always tender & they see men

through the tears of holy compassion.”

– Samuel  Chadwick


Have you, yes – You, read your Bible through? Have you read this Holy Book through in one year? If not, for what are you waiting? I can’t see a better time than 2020 to do what every person who can read, should do – what every person who professes to know Christ, should do. “It is a big goal!” Yes, in a sense it is but do-able. Read 3 chapter each weekday & 5 on the Lord’s Day – if you get behind, CATCH up! – 12/31/19


“Let – the key word in Christianity.”

– Ray Chamberlain


Every future moment

Every future moment is already in God’s hands,

Every future conflict He already understands.

Every future burden He cares about today,

Every future victory God owns – let Him lead the way. – eab, Dec 2009


“Headmasters have powers at their disposal with which

prime ministers have never yet been invested.”

– Winston Churchill


Please, do not consider yourself educated if you’ve not read the Bible – read It in Its entirety. “But, I have a PhD in _ _ _ _.” If it was God’s will for you (& if you actually did all the academic work) congratulations.  Now step up & read the greatest Classic in English, the KJV. “But, I’ve mastered the disciplines of _ _ _ _  AND _ _ _ _ _.” Sorry, if you’ve never read the History, Poetry, & Prophets of the OT, if you’ve not perused the Gospels, Epistles, & Revelation you are lacking in your education. – 12/31/19


2Ti 3.15

“…the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation

through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”


Making New Year’s resolutions? How long will you keep them?  Be honest.  It is far better to change With Vivid Determination on some other date & keep it, as to go off “half-cocked” tomorrow & fail. Your only way to change for Eternity, is to allow Jesus Christ to come in & set your house in order. Without Christ New Year Resolutions fall flat & fail. Obey the Lord & then you can really change. 12/31/19


“There is no dignity quite so impressive & no independency quite so important

 as living with in your means”

– Pres. Calvin Coolidge

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