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Gen 3.15 +

Gen 3.15

“… I will put enmity between thee & the woman

& between thy seed & her seed; it shall bruise thy head…”


Time was when life was simple. Who complicated it? Paper advertisers, Radio ads, TV commercials (sales in general) almost-to-a-man saying “you need this.” They made it so appealing to own this or that & you bit. Stop believing sinful men – many will lie for a dollar. Pull back from love of gadgets. Learn to enjoy (you can IF you really try) the plain things of life: Start the day with the Excellency of God’s Word. Eat more simple foods. Wear clothing fitted to your sex. Work hard. Be true to your true wife or husband.

Crickets. Do. Not. Charge. For. Their. Songs. – 1/4/20


“Christ loves little children because he loves simplicity & innocence;

He has sanctified their very age by passing through it himself.”

– Adam Clarke


WAY, TRUTH,   LIFE        

Jesus is the Way

This applies to our everyday

Up hill and down

Mid smiles, the occasional frown

Always take His Way.


Jesus is the Truth

Applies to you and Moabitish Ruth

Across millennia and tired miles

In spite of lying “bits” and files

Let Him be your Truth.


Jesus is Life

Applies beyond present struggles and strife

Be brave

There IS life beyond the grave

True for Adam, true for you

Live His Life.

– eab, January 2015


“The affluently rich full of sensuality & pampered…are…occupied

with what they eat…drink, how they amuse & sport themselves…”

– Adam Clarke


If the best pay you’ve received was in dollars & cents I feel sorry for you. I’ve been paid in smiles & sunsets, in laughter & multicolored fall trails, with a “Thank You” & with seaside walks, in student comprehension & grandchildren’s hugs. The best “salaries” cannot be deposited in banks – they are treasured (sometimes for a live-time) in your heart. 1/4/20


Mat 5.6

“Blessed are they which do hunger


thirst after righteousness…”


“They [some Corinthian Christians] were carnal not sanctified

but they spake in tongues.”

– A L Vess


The devil wants to confuse. Some are sinning yet have allowed satan to confuse themselves into hoping they’re saved. Some children are confused because parents once did not do certain sins, did not attend professional sporting events, did not eat out on the Lord’s Day & now they do. Some “men” are so confused that they walk like a woman & dress less than masculine. Some woman wear men’s shirts, pants, even mannish haircuts. Confused. “God is not the author of confusion…”(1Co 14.33). – 1/4/20


“Charles H Parman & [William] Syemour the founders of the Tongues Movement in the U.S.

both accused each other of receiving the gift of tongues from the devil.”

– A L Vess

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