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Gen 5.24 +

Gen 5.24

“And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.”


“Live to God, pray much, read much, labor hard,

& have immeasurable faith.”

– Adam Clarke


You have 3 tasks (in the country we called them “chores”) ahead of you today. It is up to you which one you do 1st, which 2nd, which 3rd. One is so-so i.e., you neither like it nor loath it, one you’ve looking forward to doing, & one is something you nearly hate. Which task to you do 1st?  I hope you are mature enough to do the undesirable job 1st, the intermediate next & will save the best till last. Christ has arranged life that way for His followers. Earth is a mixture of so-so & some rather loathsome tasks – He, Blessed be His Name, as saved heaven till last, & it will last & last & last. 1/5/20


“…None of your hearers will be more affected with your discourse than yourself.

A dull, dead, preacher makes a dull, dead congregation.”

– Adam Clarke



Give me, I pray Thee, eyes fit for eternity,

Ears that hear, beyond the years,

And a heart that throbs near God.

Grant me hands that reach, across sin’s breach.

Feet that the wayward meet,

Helping to heaven, above sod.

– eab, Jan. 1976


“Then I saw that there was a way to hell even from the gates of heaven

as well as from the city of Destruction. So I awoke & behold it was a dream.”

– John Bunyan


Recently I ran across FOMO & YOLO. FOMO (as I understand) is an acronym – Fear Of Missing Out.

YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. Those sinners who are controlled by FOMO are probably also (IMO) controlled by Pride – a driving force in many sinful lives. Saints DO miss out on things: things like hangovers, smoke stained fingers, syphilis, & much more. Saints living within their dollar range, also miss out of terrifyingly steep credit card balances, huge amounts of intere$t, & high late fees. – 1/5/20


Psa 22.26

“The meek shall eat & be satisfied: they shall praise the LORD that seek him:

 your heart shall live for ever.


And – as for YOLO – it can also be Pride-driven. Pride is awful slave driver but perhaps worse (?) than pride, YOLO is a lie. You only life this fleeting time on the face of earth one time. But, hear it, you will be alive a million yrs from now. That Life (that keeps on Living) above will, Praise God, go on & on. And that existence (which keeps on “dying”) below will, sadly go on & one. Stop, Friend, O stop believing you only live once. It is false & soul-damning. 1/5/20


“No man can become a saint in his sleep…”

– Henry  Drummond

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