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Gen 6.3 +

Gen 6.3

“And the LORD said,

‘My spirit shall not always strive with man…’”


“Tell me a ‘tory” becomes “Read me a story” which becomes “show me a movie.” People move from little child, to being a child, to being childish, always wanting to play, be entertained, have fun, to enjoy themselves hour – after – week – after year. It’s fine to be a child (we all started there) but our society, even too often church, encourages childishness. Seems few have read (at least applied) Paul’s “…when I became a man, I put away childish things” (1Co 13.11b). O Please stop craving hollywood & disney! 1/6/20


“All that Calvary provided for us,

judgment will require from us.”

– Millard  Downing



When you’re young and tender

And things are going good,

You seldom think of death,

As often as you should.


Then life gets busier;

Death comes, but it is rare.

You give it a slight nod,

Acknowledging it’s there.


Children gladden the home;

Soon their kids too arrive.

Slowly it dawns; you see

Friends are gone – not alive.


Then the rate increases

More go through death’s cold door;

Former playmates, classmates

Falter, fail – are no more.


No one lives forever

(Methuselah too died).

Death – started in Eden,

“Has” to be satisfied.


Prepare for its coming

By the Blood of our Lord.

Christ died to save your soul

Receive, believe His Word.

– eab, Jan. 2016


“The legalist believes

the supreme force behind salvation is you.”

– Carl Eisenhart


Very few men preach More than they believe. (I can imagine a man – who’s changed – & is trying to hold onto a cushy position, using “right sounding” words for those he knows are careful but big givers.)

And it can be dangerous to firmly declare “Thus saith the Lord.” Churches/conferences/colleges run by strong boards can too easily remove the man who preaches/teaches Bible, when said organization is moving toward Laodicean lukewarmness. 1/6/20


Psa 14.1

“The fool hath said in his heart,

‘There is no God.’”


“I have been in contact with the Tongues Movement from its beginning…I have endeavored by His help to give it a fair investigation. It is the same power…[as] the magicians, sorcerers, witches, Mormons & especially…Spiritualists.”

– W B Godbey


Some politician, supposed scientist, or respected leader may say something about a “Higher Power” & we rejoice that “they’re with us.” Please, friend – there’s a huge difference between admitting there’s a Great Being above us & confessing that they’ve sinned & come short of the glory of God. 1/6/20


“When I got serious with God

God got serious with me.”

– B J Walker

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