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Gen 8.22 +

Gen 8.22

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime & harvest, and cold & heat,

and summer & winter, and day & night shall not cease.”


Most people agree there is Christianity & there is false “christianity.” The first being the only way to heaven; the second being extremely dangerous. Bear with me. Is there not also a possibility of two “Jews” – one with the blood of Abraham, the other a false Jew? Those who claim to be Christian (& are not) have a reason for this. Those who claim to be Jews & are not also have a reason. See Rev 2.9 & 3.9. I cannot urge you too strongly to be careful who you believe in, who you promote. – 1/10/20


“No reward can be justly bestowed, no punishment justly inflicted upon him

who is good or bad by necessity & not by his own choice.”

– Tertullian (quoted by Fletcher)



The clumsy cabinet maker is satisfied with less,

Not seeing or feeling that line of perfect-ness;

But God, the Master of all He thinks and does,

Wants the burr gone, wants rid of the “fuzz.”

Submit to His hand now; later your soul will bless

His thoroughness in life, His preparedness for death.

– eab,  Jan.  2016


“Man, a reasonable being & in that respect like God, is made FREE in his will…”

– Irenaeus (quoted by Fletcher)


Is your religion pleasing to you? The amount you pray? The times you fast? The dollars you give to its cause? The formal rites? Now – a much more serious question – – – Is your “religion” pleasing to God? God has offered Salvation; stop being just religious, become a New Creature. They will not be your entrance requirements (nor mine) at Heaven’s gate – they will be His. – 1/10/20


Rev 2.9

“I know thy works & tribulation & poverty, (but thou art rich) &

I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews & are not…”


“Always look at your need

in the light of your God.”

– James N Ward


Some day (sooner than you think) you’ll stop being “worldly.” O how I wish you’d do it voluntarily. Tell God you’re done with fashions, carnal ambitions etc. He is giving you time now to stop loving, imitating the world. But – – – if you don’t obey, you WILL stop following the world & its weird goals when you die. Death will introduce the next “world.” This world will be gone & you’ll be so sorry, forever, that you lusted after it. “…The world passeth away & the lust thereof…” 1J 2.17). – 1/10/20


“Faith is choosing to believe

that God tells the truth.”

– John Whiteman

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