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Gen 13.13 +

Gen 13.13

“But the men of Sodom were wicked &

sinners before the LORD exceedingly.”


“If it happened by fate (or necessity) that men are either good or wicked;

the good were not good, nor should the wicked be wicked.”

– Justin Martyr quoted by John Fletcher


Parents & grandparents – look for ways to interact with children higher than mere “games.” Every game has to have a loser. You say, “That’s just life!” No. It may be “life” as portrayed by our sports-mad world. But it is not real life. The word “game” is not even in the Bible. (“Work” is in 381 vv of It.) Far better to work with children as to always be playing with them. To Hike, Fish, Hunt, Camp etc. does not require any loser! AND – – – There are no losers required on the way to heaven. – 1/8/20


“Often a wicked man if he will is changed into a good man & a good man thru sloth

falls away & becomes wicked because God has endued us with free agency.”

– Chrysostom quoted by John Fletcher



You cannot live another’s life

Strive ever so hard, live ever so long

You can never feel their pain, or sing their song

You have your own terrific life to live

Your own personal niche to fulfill

Give it, Friend, all your ability

Give your life all your force, your free will

He who gave you your life, loves you still!

– eab, 1/3/07


“If I don’t practice it,

I don’t believe it.”

– Paul Harvey – His Life Motto


You made a million dollars on the deal? Oh? That was yesterday? What if God requires you to die tomorrow? You “enjoyed” a million for a few short hours.

Now – – – if instead, you had been redeemed yesterday, how much better, exceedingly better, no- comparison-better. Do not covet money. Seek, in its place, to be saved from your sins. – 1/11/20


1Jo 2.17

“And the world passeth away & the lust thereof:

but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”


Be dead to the world, i.e. don’t let what they say deter the way you walk with God. What else must we be dead to? the CHURCH world. Too often the “church world” has been critical of those wanting to live holy. (Because the CHURCH world too often has the world in them.) “…Ye are not of the world…therefore the world hateth you”(Joh 15.19) – 1/11/20


“Prayer is not to inform God of what He does not know;

it is an eye through which we see God.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, M D

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